Ismael Santos

Ismael Santos

London, GB



         As a young man, I think it is only natural and just to seek for the unknown, to take risks in  search for a new life experience and to pursue the dreams kept inside for so long. I believe architecture has its roots in this way of exploring our own attitude and hopes towards life and the world, which consequently implies a constant search for the knowledge and skills required to be successful. Thus, architecture is a manner of being as well as a reflection of a lifestyle. It is therefore as an ambitious finalist of architectural studies that I wish to take part of your team.
         My school, Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto, school of two Pritzker Prizes, Álvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura, values the working process the most, hence emphasizing freehand sketching as an essential tool and underlining the importance of accurate drawing of architectural details, such as constructive and structural solutions to the projects. However, it is very clear that an outstanding response involves not only the creative and artistic input but also the project’s functionality, which is central to architecture. Furthermore, in the extent of such capabilities, computer assisted drawing is also a crucial instrument to express ideas and conclusions. Therefore, I am also comfortable with 3D modelling and computer graphic programs, amongst others, Autocad and Adobe CS Suite.
         All in all, I believe I am a suitable candidate for your office and I am certain I have so much to gain from it, since it offers an excellent opportunity to combine my previous experiences with the clever and enthusiastic method of working that is part and parcel of your studio.


Faculty of Architecture of University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, MArch, Architecture

The course spans a number of projects concerning different scales and types of architectural intervention. Therefore, from the first year of the six-year course, I experienced working on projects of both urban and building scope. Regarding the building, the course includes both learning about the different types, forms and transformations in order to inhabit and occupy the space, but also, on the other hand, includes some learning about public programs, geared towards the common city user​​, such as museums and hotels.

Sep 2006 - Dec 2012