William Hoey

William Hoey

Boston, MA, US


South End (Boston) Culinary Arts Institute

The differentiating levels in the site and their interaction captures interesting moments of approach and views. The act of advancement through these levels can be translated into stages in a students academic career or into the process of cooking. Both translations are comprised of three major categories: Preparation, Implementation, and Completion. 

These categories are represented as solid masses at certain points on the buildings facade. Extruding in two directions, the masses begin to play with a push/pull motion. The ground floor is comprised mainly of glass, giving the effect that the masses are floating.

Once one enters the building, they are met by an atrium consisting of varying angels of egress; emphasizing the act of progressing from one level to the next. Different size openings in the atrium
create the ability to see multiple levels from any floor. Looking down the atrium from the top floor, gives one the ability to reflect their journey through the building

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US