Heather McGinn AIA

Heather McGinn AIA

Portland, OR, US


15 SHT

ALLTHATISSOLID was approached by the owner to design the store concept for 15 Sheets, a premium men’s boutique introducing made-in-America labels as well as emerging local designers to Kuala Lumpur. The storefront invites passersby with an integrated espresso bar that opens onto the street. The space is divided into a series of pod-like salons through an ensemble of techniques including an integrative system of tiered displays, vertical steel stringers, painted super-graphics, and varying floor material. In doing so, these elliptical pods create a more formal promenade where products of all types are democratically on display. The curvilinear display screens also create intimate interiorized salons that offer more informal places for personal interactions, perusing, and inventive merchandising. 

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Status: Built
Location: Kuala Lumpur, MY
My Role: Design Partner with ALLTHATISSOLID.
Additional Credits: WIth ALLTHATISSOLID (with Alex Chew, Danielle Wagner, and Max Kuo).