Heng Li

Heng Li

Savannah, GA, US


Residential community complex

China's cities are expanding rapidly as its economy grows. Yet land for development is in short supply, particularly in mountainous areas, where about one-fifth of the population lives. In the past decade, local governments have begun removing the tops of mountains to fill in valleys to create land on which to build.  In cities such as Chongqing, Shiyan, Yichang, Lanzhou and Yan'an, tens of square kilometers of land have been created.
The proposal  results in a prototype for these habitat in Yan’an city where has been projecting three phases since 2010. The design aims to cover the second phase that would be scheduled in the coming decade.

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Status: School Project
Location: YAN'AN CHIAN
My Role: Individual Project
Additional Credits: HOMOR AWARD
Integration of Sustainable principles