Hakcheol Seo

Hakcheol Seo

Los Angeles, CA, US



Instructor: Jackilin Hah Bloom (Project by: Hakcheol(David) Seo and Ilaria Lu)……The role of architecture and landscape is combined in our proposal for the new LACMA. The project constructs atmospheric moments where artifacts and nature converge into an immersive spatial and visual experience. The aesthetic of landscape, at times real and at times unreal, permeate every surface of the museum, allowing for fluidity between what is inside and outside and between what is materially hard to soft. Besides the forms, the idea of landscape is suggested also in the design of accessibility and the compositional thinking of art works. The museum is a complex of 7 pavilions that act as exhibition and storage spaces for LACMA’s permanent collection. Ramps and bridges are performing as connectors between buildings and the underground plaza while the landscape elements blur the edges between them. The language that is dominating the project is a result of calibrating what is artificial and what is natural, a process that assimilates and ultimately ends with a new understanding of a museum building.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: 3d modelling, Video Editing
Additional Credits: Ilaria Lu, Jackilin Hah Bloom, Sci-Arc