Grant Blakeslee

Grant Blakeslee

New York, NY, US


Snow Peak

The design for Snow Peak’s New York City store, unlike that of so many outdoor retailers, seeks not to remind people how insignificant they are in relation to the great outdoors. Instead, it references the vision of Lisa Yamai and seeks to liberate our customers’ hearts and minds with an emphasis on comfort. To that end, we developed a strategy that utilizes natural elements, interlaced with the hard surfaces of the built environment. Rock and plant islands break up the interior fixtures, while an abundance of wood accents brings natural textures to typical retail displays. Locally crafted pieces interact with an adaptable ceiling mounted system to support the needs of a constantly evolving retail space while striving to stay true to Yamai’s insistence on absolute functionality. The result is a retail space that is an island of peace and calm, nestled within the most bustling of urban environments. It is a place we hope will allow every shopper to reconnect with the natural environment and come to better understand their own place within its order.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Project Lead. Design. Construction Management. Fabrication.
Additional Credits: In Collaboration with: Andrea Westerlind