Nicholas Gianetti

Nicholas Gianetti

Boston, MA, US


Culinary School

A site in Boston's South End serves as the site for a proposed Culinary School, as part of a project in Comprehensive Studio VI.  The building itself derives from a simple diagram mapping the conjunction of the acts of cooking for function and cooking for showcase.  The act of cooking is represented by the arrangement of program within the building form, by placing spaces geared toward the functional aspect of a school alongside spaces geared toward culinary creation.  Six teaching kitchens reside in the aluminum clad mass at the back of the building.  Each kitchen is provided with an equal amount natural light through varied circular openings that also provide an aesthetic on the facade.  The combination of an Aluminum skin and Wood clad facade provides an aesthetic that relates the entire building back to the cooking process.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US
Additional Credits: May - August 2012