The Importance of the Wedding Ring


I am doing a design project for a jewelry gallery and need a bit of inspiration. I have received minimal information on The Jewelry (predominantly wedding and engagement rings) that the gallery will be selling. I was wondering if any of you have seen interesting and innovative rings that could lend some inspiration to the space I am trying to design. The google searches are leading me no where.

Nov 5, 04 10:00 am

are you just looking for wedding rings?

Nov 5, 04 10:29 am  · 

Come on. Rings are rings. They are round. They come in different sizes. They are shiny. They are small enough to be held in your hand.

You are designing a space to be inhabited and experienced by people who are looking at something very personal and tiny. There must be something you can think of.

Nov 5, 04 10:56 am  · 

they come in boxes.

Nov 5, 04 10:59 am  · 

Try looking up the one that JFK gave to Jackie - it's cool.

Nov 5, 04 11:00 am  · 

my precious...

Nov 5, 04 11:56 am  · 


Nov 5, 04 12:27 pm  · 


Nov 5, 04 12:29 pm  · 
David Cuthbert

wedding bands <- safes without combinations to release you

honestly try picking up a copy of metropolis or Elle Design there are always a few designs for rings and bands in there

Nov 5, 04 12:40 pm  · 

also, this is a great name for ring shop.

Nov 5, 04 2:38 pm  · 

(titanium jewelry) (great designer rings and settings)

and try searching more...this is the internet we are talking about here...if i can find modern furniture (the kind i would actually put in my house) on my lunch break then you can find good jewelry designs...

Nov 5, 04 3:21 pm  · 
Nov 5, 04 4:57 pm  · 

From the Society of North American Goldsmiths - you have to poke around a bit, but there is some interesting stuff.

Nov 5, 04 5:12 pm  · 

I'm married and I can tell you that the only importance I see to the ring is the following: (which is a very old idea but nevertheless many women still see it like this) I believe that a woman understands the ring as representative or if you can see it this way, even foreshadowing of the financial future that a man can offer a woman.

Nov 5, 04 5:28 pm  · 

I am an unmarried woman and I don't think a ring is indicative of any sort of 'financial future' that a man can offer a woman. That may be true for some women (trophy wives) but strikes me a chauvinistic and dated idea. I don't expect anyone, my husband included, to be responsible for my 'financial future.' many women don't care about the size of the diamond or how much the ring cost: it's a symbol of commitment and love. to some it is about territory - to put it as one of my friends did, it's like a dog peeing on a fence post to mark his/her turf.

so what kind of ring did your wife receive, to represent the financial future you could offer?! :)

Nov 5, 04 6:09 pm  · 
1  · 

Diamonds ... that'ell shut her up!

Nov 5, 04 9:16 pm  · 

"Every kiss begins with Kay".... Did they just call her a hooker?

May 11, 21 9:45 am  · 

It has been said before: Brad Pitt made a slick set of wedding rings for himself and Jennifer. He sued the Italian ring maker for $50 million because they started to sell his one-off design . And then he settled, out of court, with a deal that allows him to design as many rings as he wants for this Italian company, and his wife gets to model them.

Architects, this is the kind of guy we'd be proud to call one of our own. The kind that takes someone to court so that he can design more things.

Nov 6, 04 11:48 am  · 


The dog analogy is absolutely correct, I never had that perspective but I was very easily sold on it, I guess I had just thought of it in other ways. As far as my statement above you are also correct it was chauvinistic, I was trying to explain that I feel most woman think of the ring from that point of view. As far as the ring I gave my wife, it is a very simple gold band no diamond, if I had to take a guess it's probably about 3/32"thick and 3/32" wide, and I have exactly the same one. Their sameness I believe translates into our relationship of balance and simplicity. If she believed that it was symbol of a financial future I'm sure she would be disappointed. In any case overall these conversations regarding institutions and personal relationships are always interesting to me, but nevertheless they never have an answer. I think that your description above of what you feel is your responsibility is to be commended, having said that I truly believe when it comes down to it your are the minority because most women I belive want to be taken care off (whatever that means). I think you might agree.

Nov 6, 04 12:37 pm  · 

abracadabra – the ring of fire!

To share a bit of rugby post match bonding ritual – ‘’the ring of fire’ is a challenge issued to an opposing team member (usually the Captain) where by the challenged and the challenger.

Both players stand on a table naked from the waist down. A piece of toilet paper is inserted into the arsehole (ring) of each participant, the end of which is lit as the two participants down their respective pints with two hands on the glass. Only when the pint has been downed can the player remove a hand from the glass and pull out the toilet paper and extinguish the rapidly advancing flames. The loser usually encounters ‘the burning ring of fire’.

Imagine the scene with 30 rugby players singing the classic Johnny Cash song as the debauchery ensues.

NB. This has no gay connotations as far as I am aware.

Nov 8, 04 5:42 am  · 
christian bauer

i'm wearing one of his on my left hand.
some interesting metal combinations, some of which are god aweful and over the top, but very nice overall designs and craftsmanship

Nov 9, 04 12:30 pm  · 
Nick Scalco

This guy from school designed his wife's engagement ring... you can see it on his website micah morgan

Nov 9, 04 1:22 pm  · 
Sergio Lopez-Pineiro

Can we call you 'lord of the rings'?

Nov 9, 04 2:05 pm  · 

<img src="">

I don't want a big rock, I want this!
My future spouse should thank its bank account that I was kind of gothic.

Nov 9, 04 3:07 pm  · 

here you go susan

Jul 5, 05 9:24 pm  · 
dia's comment has been hidden

I bought my fiance an engagement ring from this store in Melbourne. They represent independent artistic jewellers from Australia and New Zealand and have very nice collections and very nice stores.

The ring I bought was not overly expensive, but it is a one-off, an artisitc piece with an "author", and certainly the more valuable for it.

Jul 5, 05 10:01 pm  · 

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