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Anyone have any great software recommendations for a small office? Solutions for the whole range of business needs are up for consideration as we grow: bookkeeping, time sheet management/tracking, client connectivity, spend management, marketing and assessment - basically looking for new approaches across all fronts.

May 17, 10 6:10 pm

Primavera ....have used it only a few times ...but its good for keeping shop drawing logs.. automatic transmittals ..etc. ...theres other stuff that it does im sure ..but its worth looking into

May 18, 10 10:06 pm  · 
May 19, 10 1:26 am  · 
Devil Dog

tb, i would say, use what fits and you can understand. there is a lot of software in the world and in my experience, most of it is useless and those that we have bought go significantly underutilized. the categaories you mention has separate and independent solutions. bookkeeping and invoicing is different than client connectivity. at my current office we developed our own speadsheet through excel for managing project budgets and resource allocation (mainly staff).

in my opinion, a couple of your categories can be helped with software (bookkeeping, time sheets) while another is based on experience and good old fashion discussions (marketing and assessment) and another still is based on sound business principals and experience (spend management).

May 24, 10 9:53 am  · 

The tools put together by 37signals get a lot of press, and look extremely enticing for a small office:


May 24, 10 11:35 pm  · 



May 24, 10 11:35 pm  · 

I use 37 signals basecamp. Great for collaberation among distributed team members aka collaberating with other architects and engineers.

May 25, 10 12:00 am  · 
( o Y o )

Interns and whips.

Aug 19, 13 3:36 pm  · 

ProofHub and nTask are the most use full tool now a days for specifically productivity and management related.

Jan 12, 22 7:35 am  · 

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