First dibs at condo sale as designer?

gentle puppies

Hypothetically, if I worked on a condo project as an intern, and hypothetically spent all my time designing the best and most efficient units within my price range, when the project starts selling, I'm considered VIP right, or is it just the lead architect that gets first dibs at the units?

Apr 14, 14 12:25 am

I heard developers pay arch. interns in investment property. 


Oh wait. No I didn't.

Apr 14, 14 8:51 am

They didn't make you a partner in the project?!

Apr 14, 14 10:29 am

first 5 units go to the firm

Apr 14, 14 11:53 am

Is this shit serious?

Apr 14, 14 1:15 pm

poop876, are you a mindreader?

Apr 14, 14 1:32 pm

You get first dibs as long as you're the first to show up with the down payment on the market price that anyone off the street would pay.  So, yes, you get first dibs.

Apr 14, 14 1:57 pm

Oh yeah, and if you made the render they put on the hoarding, they offer you a free locker and an underground bike parking spot.

Apr 14, 14 4:18 pm

typically anyone working in the office gets VIP treatment.  you will likely get a gift basket at the completion of the project which will include some dried meats, fine cheese, vip passes to the hottest nightclubs, and of course, first dibs on an apartment. 

This is usually how it works...

Apr 14, 14 4:34 pm

This reminds me of when we had a pizzeria as a client for a restaurant remodel.  We thought, "Hey, we might get an occasional pizza out of this deal."  They never paid us, in money or in mozzarella.

Apr 14, 14 5:15 pm

Mozzarella is the new Bitcoin.  Only, it starts to smell a little if you hold onto it for too long.

Apr 14, 14 5:18 pm

by all means, please, please, please do not email your project architect or your firm's principal to even inquire about this and make yourself look like a fool. xDDD

Apr 14, 14 6:02 pm

actually, dogecoin is the new bitcoin.  used and approved by shiba inu's across the world.

go ahead and google that.  see what the future looks like.

Apr 14, 14 6:02 pm

The only currency with real value is 80 proof and better.

Apr 14, 14 6:06 pm
vado retro

does it have granite appliances and stainless steel countertops?

Apr 14, 14 6:06 pm
gentle puppies

Maybe it sounded silly because I understated my involvement.  I meant intern as in full-time employee/ design coordinator on the project team / registered intern architect.  The only thing I'm not is the project architect of record.  Obviously I'll have to pay what anyone else would pay for the condo, but isn't it industry practice that the developer "friends and family", followed by the architect, contractor, "star" real estate agents, etc get in on the pre-sales before it is released to the public?  I'm just wondering how they define the "architect".  Even if just one spot in line is offered to the architect, it's safe to say that no one in my office is currently looking to buy.  Does it seem less farfetched now?

Apr 17, 14 1:12 am
Non Sequitur

gentle puppies, yes, it is still a silly question even with your "explanation". Plan to attend the open house with a fat wad of cash for deposit like everyone else dumb enough to buy into a condo.


also, please let's not let "registered intern architect" become a thing...

Apr 17, 14 7:31 am

Remember :  contrary to what most people think of architects, we do not own skyscrapers, condominiums or properties even though we are directly responsible in their creation.  And we are certainly not rich also.  I though I only had to explain that to my elders, relatives and people who have no idea about our profession.

Apr 17, 14 8:22 am

while managing this project, did you regularly speak to the developer or anyone on the client side that might be involved in leasing the units?  If so, i would ask them.

i don't think there is any sort of assumed entitlement or anything like that to lead you to expect some sort of preferential treatment.  however, i also think people who sell stuff often like it when people offer to buy the stuff they're selling.  so, in that sense, you may be able to get their ear before the general public.

Apr 17, 14 9:40 am
Last I checked, the fat developer and his ditzy no taste wife get first dibs. Then, he sells as many units above market rate as possible to people w deep pockets. If you don't have the funds to be in this group you can get in line w the general public. Unless the developer thinks you are cute and wants you close by..
Apr 17, 14 3:36 pm

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