Infographic about The Life of an Architecture Project

Young Architect

I recently posted this infographic in on my blog which beautifully outlines the life of an architecture project and its relationships between: Owner, Architect, Contractor, Time and Money, during a typical architecture project. 

I used this diagram pretty heavily when i was studying for the Architect registration exam. 

Thought it may be of interest to someone on here.

Looking forward your responses!  

Apr 7, 14 12:02 pm

That is actually pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

Apr 7, 14 12:30 pm


As someone entering my last year of M.Arch and looking to completing the IDP/ExaC process afterwards, this is incredibly helpful. Much appreciated.

Apr 7, 14 1:46 pm

wish this was more visual.

Apr 7, 14 5:23 pm


Apr 7, 14 9:34 pm
Young Architect

I'm working on getting a Cartoonist to illustrate it.

Jul 10, 14 12:33 am

Really good share. Visual or not, this is a good reference for those studying and for those getting into the work force. Plus, that cartoonist might cost you, UNLESS you have a deal you can make. Just saying, this is helpful, thanks.

Jul 11, 14 6:58 pm

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