Obama is the Anti-Reagan


So, no doubt politics have gotten pretty tough in the last several years, given the nature of things, the general vector of news media, rovian redistricting, and genuine anxiety over the economy and terrorism I think most of us would count that somewhat understandable. Still, I really must admit, Ive been genuinely surprised by the sheer volume of vitriol. I think its a serious question for Obamaphiles and Obamaphobes alike. I'll be totally honest, so far, I think a truly objective analysis of the actual, real events of the presidency would place Obama as the most successful president since FDR. I have little doubt many of you will find that statement controversial, but lets for a moment remember where we were just a year ago. The guy walks into the Oval office to find a country fearful, demoralized, and an international pariah, an economy in total freefall, already constituting the worst recession since the great depression, not one but two vietnam-esque foreign policy catastrophes, collapsing infrastructure of every kind--physical, financial, regulatory, education, energy, health services--a country literally disintegrating before our very eyes for decades of neglect, a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit and a cumulative national debt outlook that looks like this:

Thats pretty bad. I'll grant the weepy over-joy at his inauguration was a little over the top, but who could blame us? We needed something. And lets be real for a moment, something is what we got. He signed the stimulus, which for all the hemming and hawing, was a pretty reasonable step--infrastructure spending, tax breaks for 95% of the country, propping up state governments from bankruptcy and massive layoffs of cops and teachers and extended unemployment benefits for everyone else. Theres a surprisingly broad consensus that really the only problem with it was it wasnt big enough. It was at least good enough for republican congresspeople to go home and take credit for all the nice things it did in their home districts.

Then he spends the summer fighting pirates, saving the 2 largest auto-companies in the country, averting a swineflu pandemic, he gives one speech in Cairo and the Iranian regime damn near falls over backwards. Early this year they pulled off probably the most flawless and daunting relief efforts in history in Haiti. Iraq had their elections and half our people will be out by the end of the year. It certainly remains to be seen just how possible it is to get anything positive out of Afghanistan, karzai is a total fuckwad, but I dont think anyone could accuse them of not paying adequate attention to the problem. For all the hardship, theyve retaken most of the country and killed or captured more al qaeda and taliban leadership in Pakistan and Afghanistan and now Yemen in 6 months than Bush did in the last 6 years.

And then healthcare. Now, no doubt, it was hard. It took almost a year, cost him enormous political capital, revealed in lurid slow-motion detail every corrupt side-motive and crooked parliamentary game available to the US congress, but they did it. The most important domestic legislation in half a century, the holy-grail of every president since Roosevelt, and Obama got it. And after all the whining and spitting and hitler posters, what did we get? No government takeover, no death-panels, no national economic implosion. We got 30 million more people insured, removed discrimination for sick people, stabilized a cost spiral that would probably have bankrupted the country in 10 years and shaved 130 billion off the deficit in the bargain.

I mean just last week we got the largest nuclear reduction treaty since 1990, probably sealed the deal with china on sanctions for Iran, one of the largest boosts to higher eduction in history again while saving billions, a huge olive branch to republicans on energy with offshore drilling and new nuclear, and 162 thousand new jobs, the largest monthly growth in over 3 years.

And after all of that:

The lowest approval rating of his presidency. Weve got legislative total-war in congress, governers talking secession and bricks thrown through windows and racial epithets at John Lewis and militias growing at 500%. So seriously, whats going on? Just for comparison, by now Clinton had lost healthcare, fucked up in somalia, and was already embroiled in half a dozen sexual harassment scandals. Kennedy had the Bay of Pigs, sized up a neophyte by Khrushchev, installed the Baath party in Iraq, and produced almost no new legislation in 3 years. (Granted he was shooting high, but most of his major initiatives werent signed until after his death.) Reagan failed to respond to the recession in 1981, leading to unemployment approaching 11% in 1982, illegally invaded grenada in what is now taught at westpoint as how-not-to-conduct-an-invasion, and watched the largest single-day death of marines since Iwo Jima in the Beiruit baracks bombing. Now, absolutely, they had highpoints too. But I just havent seen any fuckups on that level from Obama, nothing even close. They couldnt close guantanamo, they waited too long to get tough with Israel, and some poor kid set his underwear on fire. Thats really it. People can bitch about GM and Tarp and the Stimulus, but heres the effect:

So seriously, for a moment, given how over-the-top the hate is now, can you imagine what Obama would be looking at with even one sex scandal? Or a Bay of Pigs? Or 220 dead marines after being warned they needed better security? Theyd be feasting on his political carcass right now.

So what is really behind all this rancor? One thing about the poll numbers, they seem to slide at a fairly steady rate basically irrespective of actual events. Is it just unemployment? The nature of media right now? A permanent trauma of trust from 8 years of Bush? Or a subconscious racial distrust?

Im tempted to believe all those things are factors, but above all, Obama has been really bad, surprisingly bad, at message management. Given all the good news, all the really enormous accomplishments, its actually staggering how poor their communication has been. In many ways hes become the Anti-Reagan. Reagan gave billions and billions to the wealthiest people on earth while they were laying off 10% of the country, and people loved him for it. He gutted the department of education, doing perhaps fatal long term damage to the country, and people ate it up. He slept through his own cabinet meetings, raised taxes and lied about it, doubled the national debt, took personal pride in ignoring aids, and people remember him as some kind of national hero. Obama does just the opposite. He spends all his time geeking out on actually devising real, practical solutions to staggering structural problems accumulated from decades of political cowardice and neglect, like energy, like healthcare, like our standing on the world stage, the most costly and consequential issues that effect our quality of life, and in return half the country cant quite decide if hes Joseph Stalin or the Antichrist. I honestly dont get it. I mean concern over spending and the debt is fine, unemployment is completely depressing, but is going all "hes a nazi!" really productive?

Anyway, that was long. Kudos for making it through the rant.

And before this even gets going, we know Onefella Kenobi. Idiocracy and multiCULTuralism and Barry Soroto or whatever was better off under slavery or whatever bullshit you have today. Nobody cares. The rational conservatives on this board find you an epic embarrassment, so please, for the love of god, go piss and moan somewhere people give a shit.

Apr 4, 10 12:43 pm

I like Onefella Kenobi, too. Tolerance and love go a long way in soothing a hurting world.

His real name is spelled Barry SoEtoro, I believe, if anyone really knows what his real name is or where he was born.

Whatever, if Obango isn't THE antichrist, he is certainly representative of an anti-christian jihad against the west. He's damn good at hypnotizing the fawning masses, that is for sure. But its not like he didn't have a series of modern day Benedict Arnolds (*cough King Bush I and II, Clinton cough cough*) who rototilled the republic for years in anticipation of the harvest of the fruits of the "brave new world order".

*Oh, and communism is not a practical, productive, or honest solution- never has been, and never will be*

Apr 4, 10 7:17 pm

obango? what the fuck?

just say obama, i promise you'll sound less nutty

Apr 4, 10 7:23 pm
Justin Ather Maud

OBK - Please leave. You have offered NOTHING to replace the "open" markets economy shilled by the Reagonomics/Thatcherites. That model, obviously, doesn't work, so what does, you moron?

Apr 4, 10 7:36 pm

a truly, authentically Free Market operating within the structural framework of a Constitutional Republic.

Read Adam Smith's "The Wealth of Nations" contains the blueprint for success that guided western civilizations to the highest socioeconomic acheivements known to man's history, up until WWI and WWII put an end to it.

And for the record, the Fiat money system, Keynesian, or any derivitive thereof, an even so called "capitalism" is NOT part of an authentically Free Market.

The kind of government and economy that a society is currently experiencing is a bestowal from God, a barometer if you will of that society's either harmonization with eternally correct principle, rejection of it, or something in between.

But I doubt anyone on this forum was REALLY interested in the answer, now were they?

What better name than Obango? Don't they play the drums/ bongos in Kenya?

After all, truth be told he is the offspring of a full blooded, dead beat dad Kenyan Muslim father in the first place and a treasonous, authentic America/ Christian nation hating, patently insane white mother who bounced all over creation raising this poor bastard child in the second. The ultimate representation of the loonies of the left and right who decided it was in the best interest of everyone if they are the ones running the asylum.

Apr 4, 10 7:58 pm

Sorry guys. Try to ignore it. Yknow, Im into this stuff, Id love to have an adult conversation about it. No such luck I guess *sigh*

Apr 4, 10 8:02 pm

i agree 100%

obama is the anti-reagan

Apr 4, 10 9:06 pm
Cherith Cutestory


Apr 5, 10 12:03 am
zen maker

Pretty graphics, symmetrical in design. Who cares if he is anti-reagan or not, all we need is a freaking student loan reform!

Apr 5, 10 12:22 am

c.k. Where is the vitriol and where is the "lack of grammar" in any of my posts?

I have only stated facts and I do not believe there is any evidence of poor sentence structure or wholly dysfunctional spelling in any of my posts (except for the ocassional runon sentence).

Besides, this happens to be an online forum.

It would seem that your claim lacks merit or substance.

Can't anyone argue the facts of the matter, instead of wimping out and devolving into throwing out red herrings or engaging in wholly ad hominem attacks?

Based on precedence, I think not. That would require a brain, intestinal fortitude, and a conviction of being in the right. None of which any of you are.

Please, yes, lets have an adult conversation.

Apr 5, 10 7:55 am

I love how you say these posters dont have a brain, and then claim you want to have an adult conversation

Apr 5, 10 8:13 am

Well it would also require you do offer more than regurgitated white supremacist slogans and repeating ad nauseam the names of the two very mediocre books you claim to have read. I think after 6 months of this shit weve pretty well established you cant do that.

Apr 5, 10 8:20 am

And what are you... a Moron supremacist or something?

The label "racist" is so old. Nobody believes it any more. When is it used? 99.9% of the time is is used when a libertard or a conservitard are losing an argument. so friggin' old and lifeless.

I like what I did come across on a news website the other day, a new term deemed "liberish"...combining liberal thinking with the gibberish diahrea that inevitably flows from their delusional, half cocked brains.

"white supremacist slogans"?

What are you talking about? As if I've ever even heard of that website you linked above? To regurgitate something means that it has to be digested in the first place?

When have I ever offered "regurgitated white supremacist slogans"?

Name one. I dare you. You can't because I haven't (at least in my mind). Now, if you are so schizo that you've visited that website you linked above and have projected the thinking you've absorbed while surfing "white supremacist" websites onto what I have stated, then that is your problem and you'll just have to seek a psychologist on your own time.

It seems most people on this thread and on archinect in general are indeed Moron Supremacists. They surf the mass misinformation media all day absorbing the low IQ predigested vitriolic juices and then redigest and redigest the nonsense until all they have to offer in rebuttal to those who disagree with their libberish drivel is such idiotic epithets as "teabagger" or "racist".

As if browbeating intelligent life forms into submission will cause them to ever be capable of submitting to such low brow thinking...

Apr 5, 10 8:42 am

Oh an marmkid, please read the entire thread...I was merely reflecting the request for an adult conversation first requested by another poster. And yes, most posters on archintect don't really use their brains, if they have one, unless you are counting the portion of the brain that tells them to reflexively breathe, eat, sleep, poop, and mate like all animals do.

Apr 5, 10 8:48 am

y a w n.

Apr 5, 10 9:04 am

Dude. We all know who you are.

And Gert, I really, really hope you arent looking to those guys for help. Ive met schizophrenic homeless people with a better grip on reality.

Anyway. thread over.

Apr 5, 10 5:49 pm

Why is the thread over? Because you've delivered your one-sided message and outed someone [who disagrees with you] in the process? The thread should be over because it bears all the trademarks (and conclusion) of leftist propaganda - calling people racist, schizophrenic, exposing their anonymity, etc. I don't think these kinds of discussions have any place on archinect, personally - especially when they are subject to biased Moderators who have been proven to edit threads to their liking. It stinks to high heaven.

Apr 5, 10 6:27 pm

Look gert. Michael Savage and James Manning believe, passionately, in things that arent real. They spend most of their time raving, at length, with no concern whatsoever that the things that come out of their mouths have any relationship with the outside world. Theres a word for that. Its called crazy.

Im not exposing anyone's "anonymity". He writes the same shit, in every post, over, and over, and over again. Its really not that difficult to spot. Also, there really isnt anyone else on this board, besides you and he, who are quite so proud to declare your racial insecurities. Theres a word for that too. Its called being a racist. And none of the rest of us, liberal and conservative alike, really feels its our job to hold your hand and walk you out of your primitive sense of your place in the world.

Apr 5, 10 7:29 pm

..apparently you do. You've confused the notion of Racism and Self-Interest / preservation as interchangeable. If there are any insecurities on this board about race, it is from you, of your own.

Apr 5, 10 8:49 pm

....I'll listen to people like manning or THIS GUY before I ever listen to some white bloke from the UK.

Apr 6, 10 11:23 am

....Regarding race and Politics, I'd recommend listening to people like manning or THIS GUY before I ever listen to some white bloke from the UK.

Apr 6, 10 11:25 am

Double Post! I must be schizophrenic!

Apr 6, 10 11:28 am

OE......Thank you for posting this. There is so much to be said for the points that you made.

I am pleased with Obama's accomplishments so far. As you said, he's accomplished so much in such a short time. He has a lot of weight on his back to perform based on the historic status of his Presidency that it has to be put in perspective. Obama is managing his messages, but he is doing it in a different way than those before him. He has a Facebook page (White House and Barack Obama) that are constantly giving updates on the progress and achievements of the administration. He is not playing the 24 hour news game though. He also sends out email alerts to people that have signed up to his campaign to notify us of their agenda and achievements. He is a different kind of President. Not only does he know what "the internets" are, he also knows how to effectively use them. He has managed to eliminate the bias in the media by controlling his message directly and not relying on an industry (news) for support.

If anyone questioned whether racism still exists, then maybe the high profile President and his haters can shed some light on its current state Racism isn't only calling people the "n" word or not letting black people sit in the front of the bus. So many people in this country are not exposed to people that are different than themselves and I think that it is safe to say that those places are where the Hitler and "Anti-Christ" references come from. They just make a trip to civilization to protest. The majority of people, in the US, do not live in a multi-cultural world and it is another example of how our country is both moving forward (in some places) and falling behind (in others).

I would never really pay attention to approval ratings. The people that speak out politically are usually the ones that are most upset. It is why Obama won and it is why the news shows these idiots comparing Obama with Hitler. Flat out ignorance is difficult to argue. How can you prove that Obama is not anything like Hitler? he hasn't killed anyone, tried to exterminate any races and he doesn't have secret Eugenics experiments. The question is how IS Obama like Hitler? Bringing religion into it as well is another way of sensationalizing Obama's willing to help middle and lower class Americans. What a monster!!!! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

With everything that Obama has accomplished, there is no way that anyone can challenge him in the next election. He has followed through on his platform and he is looking forward without gloating. It is humble, respectful and exactly what this country needed.

Apr 6, 10 12:53 pm

On the comparing the president to Hitler scale I think the Bush haters have that sewn up. I think it goes Bush, Cheney with Obama a distant third as far Hitler Posters per Capita as measured at anyone event. That said Disagreeing with Obama does not a racist make in fact the idea we can get to a point where we can openly disagree with a black president without being called racist ( Well in the general populous, not so much in these forums ) shows the exact opposite of what your trying to say. In short, Your tired racist grenades and leftist slander just dont work anymore. The country has moved on form the elitist high brow bs your pushing.

This thread is pure trolling and a violation of the forum policies but I doubt it will be removed.

Apr 6, 10 1:05 pm

Id like you to also expand on this statement

"The majority of people, in the US, do not live in a multi-cultural world and it is another example of how our country is both moving forward (in some places) and falling behind (in others)."

In other words your saying places in America that are primarily white and rural are BAD but places that are urban and non-white are GOOD by using an argument of cherry picking the handful of looneys that show up at some rally with Hitler posters. If one applied your logic to the left, one would think based on all the flag burning, hanging in effigy and masked lunatics running around were akin to the images of angry Palestinians you see on the news doing the exact same things.

Apr 6, 10 1:12 pm

If you actually read what I was's not the actual calling him "Hitler" or "Anti-Christ" that makes people racist. Racism is subtle and the pathetic people that cannot openly express their opinions are shaped by their racism. It shapes the language that is spoken, the way that people, places and things are described.

Obama has not invaded any country. He has not lied about the reasons for invading countries. He also has not invaded countries for the profit of his big oil buddies. At least Obama can stay within his borders.

Apr 6, 10 1:16 pm

You are not understanding. Unfortunately, it does come down to the places in this country where there are only white people. We all know where those places are. I have been to some of these places and actually, my mother is from one of those places.

It's not just logic. The more people are exposed to different cultures, the more they will understand and empathize with them. When a culture is isolated, it is easier to identify everyone else as something different. I have met plenty of people that have said ignorant things and then when I sit down and explain what it means, they realize that it isn't what they intend to say. Obama is the other and if you are a minority, then you know what I'm talking about.

Apr 6, 10 1:21 pm

That does not mean that everyone that lives in the middle of nowhere is racist. There are plenty of people that live in the middle of nowhere that are not racist. It's actually how Obama won! It's not a good and bad's about exposure and sensitivity to issues that may not be held in your culture.

Apr 6, 10 1:29 pm

Also, 2step.....
I don't think I said anywhere that disagreeing with a black President made you racist. It's pretty ridiculous when you say something like that especially when you are supposedly pulling that from something that I wrote. Expression of hate may come from racist beliefs that people don't want to be outright with. It could very explain why a large part of this country wrote Obama off before he stepped foot in office and why they depict him as a failure constantly.

.......and I'm oddly impressed by your odd ability to claim that Palestinians somehow represent the left. If anything, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Spain would be left....not Palestinians.

Apr 6, 10 1:44 pm

kiss my white butt

Apr 6, 10 2:14 pm
won and done williams

you stay classy, archinect.

Apr 6, 10 2:24 pm


Apr 6, 10 2:27 pm
Distant Unicorn

Haha... saying you don't like a black president because he seems foreign is not entirely "racist."

Putting a fence around your yard is a form of racism.


@ jafidler, good job on the image macros.

Apr 6, 10 2:38 pm

haha, putting a fence around your yard is the ultimate racist act, as you want to keep ALL races away from your house

Apr 6, 10 2:40 pm

Most racist people are afraid of expressing it because it is not socially acceptable. So, it often comes out in other ways. When you apply it to a place where it is socially acceptable, people will change their behavior and be more open about it. If you have lived in rural, suburban and urban places, you will know what I mean.

Apr 6, 10 2:44 pm

Here, let me lay it all out for you "up in here":

Diversity is good, IF the original intent of it is left intact, i.e. VARIETY on God's green earth.

Unfortunately here is the real end game that Obango and all the multiCULTies out there either overtly and/or unwittingly support:

The unalterable, definite MIXING of all races into one INDISTINGUISHIBLE mass of colored and colorless humanity...the ultimate supposed "post racial" panacea.

So...for all you dimwits out there who STILL refuse to use the two brain cells that God has given you: THAT MEANS THE ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION OF ALL RACES OF MANKIND, i.e. no more black, white, brown, yellow, etc.

Unfortunately it is diabolical to usurp the will of the Eternal Creator of the heavens and the earth.

You might say that Hitler tried it and so did the Babylonians (attempt to forever destroy one race or all to the exclusion of some man-made fantasy).

Here are the facts:

Races exist. No man created them. God himself did. TO try and mess with either the destruction of a race which God created either through miscegenatistic policies or outright extermination (holocaust?) is nothing but PURE UNADULTERATED EVIL.

And who is puny man to try and mess with God's design and plan?

Rest assured that any race hustler that points the hypocritical finger at another man or group and cries "racism" is merely preparing the hell into which they will find themselves in the eternities.

Man didn't create Race. God did. Screw with Him and you'll get the proverbial horns. Every single time. It NEVER fails.

It is His plan. Not Obi's or One Fella's or Hitler's or Malcome X's or Ghandi's. Every single broker who peddles strife over what God himself created is a hypocritical charlatan who is a servant of the devil.

Based on the limited information I have at this time, in my estimation John Manning is generally a fine gentleman with heaps and heaps of courage. Probably better than 90% of his white counterparts in the Christian ministries.

But he is the exception to the general rule of those of his kind. Its just the way it is. I didn't create it, no one did in fact, so vent your frustration towards God and see if you can work it out with your Eternal Creator.

And my sentiment concurs with 2step wholeheartedly.

I love being white. I love the fact that not everyone is white and that there is so much variety on God's green earth.

I do hope that the contemporary insanity of supposed multiCULTuralism fails in its attempt to blend God's creations into one, indistingishable, race-less, identity-less, humanity less biomatter.

And fail they will. You might say that Hitler found out, given enough time, the hard way who he was messing with.

And so will the perverted purveyor's of the contemporary schizo application of so called "diversity" and "multiCULTuralism".

If any whites out there feel guilty because of the color of their skin and the makeup of their DNA, go move to South Africa or something and let them boil you in a pot after you get AIDS or something to atone for the racism of your ancestors and/or yourself.

In the meantime, leave white folks like myself alone, who never had nor ever want to have anything to do with a "post racial" society. I didn't start the fire and it isn't going to go out anytime soon. None of my ancestors had anything to do with slavery, in fact you might argue that the negros here have it 100x better than those that were left to rot in Africa where they should be anyhow.

Be that as it may, I like who God created me to be. I am content with that. So take your "racist" card and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

So many moron supremacists these days!

Apr 6, 10 2:48 pm

Damn right White Flight is real. This white will never live in the third world cesspools that the inner city's have become.

And before you start crucifying Obi, realize that Obi knows that he has nothing to do with reality, so guilt and shame will be impossible to pin on him in this regard. period.

Apr 6, 10 2:50 pm

Obama ran on change......not making amends for the racism and prejudice in the US. It is a tired subject and there is not much reason to go into it further. It is a way to divert the subject away from Obama and the accomplishments of his administration.........................just like the approval ratings, Hitler comments, Rev. Wright, socialism or whatever people can imagine.

At an ignorance party, don't talk about politics, religion or racial issues.

Apr 6, 10 2:50 pm

i dont think its trying to pin guilt or shame Obi

you just tend to lose people when you start referring to yourself in the 3rd person and use "Obango"

Apr 6, 10 2:55 pm

And what has Obango accomplished? You say tomato I say tomatoe. Give it ten or 100 years and you will see that all this "hope" and "change" is just the same old shell game.

"Chains you can believe in"

You will also see in 100 years that America is only about 20 years behind South Africa which has the highest per capita murder rate in the developed world. (developed would be a stretch given the sorry state of affairs only 2 decades after blacks took full control).

White flight indeed. As if the smart thing to do would be to rot in some third world inner city hell hole waiting to get raped and/or murdered.

For now I prefer to just live in the country and be taxed to death thank you very much. Somebody has to pay for the government largess so that the inner city's don't meltdown.

Besides, where would Tiger Woods and all those hopelessly self hating negro NBA and NFL players get their cheerleaders and wives if somebody wasn't having white daughters?

Apr 6, 10 3:00 pm

21ROnin I guess you are still not using those two brain cells.

THe point I tried to spoon feed you earlier is that:

"Racism" will always exist as long as Race itself exists.

THerefore what this is about is:

SHould Race exist or should it be destroyed?

History has clearly demonstrated that there isn't anything more evil than the latter.llor anything that hasn't resulted in greater condemnation by God.

Apr 6, 10 3:03 pm

You people need to grow up. You pansies dont know racism. You didnt watch black kids get their asses whooped by 30 year old white greasers while people looked the other way and conversely you probably never pulled up to a stop sign in your city and had a gang of black kids throw a brick through your side window for being white in their turf.

You are arguing about nothing, on an internet forum in the middle of the work day, in the prime of your lives.

You are in essence, the pathetically narrow minded sheeple of Orwellian fantasy. Your stuck in an endless loop of rhetoric and feelings that can never be subjugated nor resolved, like an infinite mathematical loop, while your profession rots your futures cloud and careers languish.

To this thread I bid thee adieu, and kiss my white butt.

Apr 6, 10 3:06 pm

I say this categorically:

My daughter, blue eyes and blond hair, will NOT be dating anyone other than white.

I would hope that self respecting black men out there would possess as much respect for GOd and their kind to stop incurring the displeasure of black females by choosing insecure white women to copulate with.

Apr 6, 10 3:06 pm

Wow. Well, if you see the similarities between this country and many African countries, they were all under European control. They did not simply fall apart....they were destroyed by imperialistic Europeans (French, Belgian, English, etc).

Apr 6, 10 3:06 pm

Devolved into garbage again.....Obi and 2step.....good luck

Apr 6, 10 3:09 pm

and with that, the thread is now over

ObiWanKenobi -

Apr 6, 10 3:10 pm

Oooops.....just Obi...not 2step

Apr 6, 10 3:11 pm

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