Master of Architecture: UW-Seattle vs Sci-arc


Got admission from both schools.

Background : B.arch in china

seek for futher information from both school.

Thank you, guys.

Apr 2, 14 11:11 am

I recently visited Sci-arc and heres a quick list of stats I got. 

1. New Digital fab lab for incoming students....more 3dprinters, laser cutters, and cncs

2. Current facilities are amazing, open studio spaces, free 3d printing,free cnc, free laser cutting, just have to pay for materials. 

3. All faculty have to practice and submit portfolios of work every year to continue teaching. 

4. Most faculty are well known , so many names but just go to the website to understand. 

5. They have competed in the Solar Decathlon for the last 2 competitions, students actually get to work on design build, not all experimental. 

6. Students get to vote on who lectures, and they pick them up at the airport and take them to Sci-Arc, and after get to have a dinner after with the lecturer. 

7. And simply La is sunny, doesn't rain everyday like in Seattle. , and lots of job opportunities in La. 

8. Sci-arc is on semesters (15 weeks) vs UW is quarters (8-10 weeks)

9. previous march. 1 class is 55 students, not sure about march II but I assume its much less.

Apr 2, 14 11:25 am

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