Pritzker prize 2014


..... about Todd Williams & Billie Tsien?


Mar 12, 14 10:02 am

hmmm... i'm going on record: if steven holl doesn't get it this year, someone ought to investigate the jury for malpractice. 

Mar 12, 14 10:37 am

Kanye West

Mar 12, 14 10:42 am

Kanye West all the way LOL

Mar 12, 14 11:28 am


Mar 12, 14 1:20 pm


Mar 12, 14 1:22 pm

I totally agree with Gregory.

But I also agree with chigurh.  In fact Dick Busch is the *only* architect acceptable in lieu of Steven Holl - then Holl would get it next year, of course.

Mar 12, 14 1:36 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

In my opinion, they ought to withhold it from Steven Holl on principle for that horrific white thing he just finished next to the C.R. Mackintosh Glasgow School of Art.  But I don't get to vote.

Mar 13, 14 8:14 pm
I've had my bid in for Holl for years, but I don't see the point any more. Someone's got something against him.
Mar 13, 14 8:56 pm

Leon Kreir.  I can just feel it.

Mar 21, 14 7:49 pm

they should give it to vitruvious posthumously.  unless he's already won it?

Mar 21, 14 10:49 pm

Kengo Kuma. Or David Chipperfield.

Mar 22, 14 10:21 am

Holl seems likely, or if they decide to give it to consider partnerships, maybe Coop Himmelblau, UNStudio, Snohetta or Fuksas?

Mar 22, 14 10:21 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Steven Holl

Mar 22, 14 11:21 am
Erik Evens (EKE)

Time to work on your spelling, guys. :)



I'm thinking Stephen Hole

Mar 22, 14 1:41 pm

Holl has had an incredible year, if he doesn't win I would really be shocked.

Mar 22, 14 6:40 pm

Ha! That's funny. Stephen Hole or is that another spelling mistake.

Steven or chipper field is likely. But i think its about time it goes to Peter Eisenman and when he is alive.

Mar 23, 14 8:38 am

They should just give it to Robert Venturi again..... 

Mar 24, 14 12:13 pm

Denise Scott Brown - make it right Pritzkers

Mar 24, 14 12:21 pm

The design media in 2013: Pritzker Prize has lost its relevance! It promotes the sole male genius!

The design media in 2014: Who will it be? Who will it be? OMG! I can't wait!

Haha, the hypocrites. 

Mar 24, 14 12:32 pm

My ex-boss! Sam Abramovitz 

he is the one who really deserves the prize.





Mar 24, 14 12:48 pm

abracadabra, faia will get it and send Steven Holl in Navajo war dress to pick it up. He will make a speech in Navajo code talk that nobody can understand. And according to what I told him, he will go to Margot and Tom Pritzker's table in the front raw and hand the coin to Margot and say, "hey honey, here is your coin, go put it in a washing machine."

Mar 24, 14 12:48 pm

MVRDV or Francine Houben/Mecanoo, it's time for another Dutch laureate.

Mar 24, 14 12:56 pm

Four hours til the announcement.....

Mar 24, 14 1:07 pm

i would vote for abracadabra faia.  that's probably why they don't give me a vote.

Mar 24, 14 1:16 pm

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has won this year's Pritzker Prize.

Mar 24, 14 5:01 pm
Yep, Holl's streak continues. He's been blacklisted or something.
Mar 24, 14 5:18 pm

pffffffttt .......... Shigeru > Holl xP

Mar 24, 14 6:00 pm

Not wanting to sound too detached, but... does anyone else not give a rip?

It reminds me a little of the the hype surrounding the Oscars....

Mar 24, 14 6:18 pm

i suck. i'm never trying to outguess this bunch ever again...

Mar 24, 14 6:52 pm

Kanye West is going to be really pissed.

Mar 24, 14 6:55 pm

kayne has to compete with pharrell for next year now

Mar 24, 14 6:59 pm
Alien 8

Nah, I think they may go for Ice Cube. He appeals to the (very) young minority demographic, which is what the AIA is after now, right? 

Mar 24, 14 7:14 pm

Kanye made it on the cover of Vogue with Kardashain... anyone know for what?

Mar 24, 14 11:07 pm

This is the U$, eveything is for sale.

Mar 24, 14 11:37 pm

citizen, I really want Holl to get one.  Once he does I won't really care much beyond mild interest who wins the rest of them (oh, and the DSB contretemps still angers me, so I "care" in that I'm interested in that PR fiasco).

Mar 25, 14 8:02 am

Pritzker Prize should be biennial, quinquennial, or even decennial.

Mar 25, 14 10:51 am

I understand, Donna.  I'm not really talking about personal preferences, which are of course natural.  I like Holl's work, too.  I like to see my favorite movies win Oscars, too.

It's just the hype (among some, not all) that I'm poking at.  Another geezer-blast, that's all, similar to "you kids get off my lawn!"  ;o)

Mar 25, 14 11:10 am

Creating beautiful architecture doesn't cut it for the Pritzker Prize.  Many can do that.  What matters is how has the architect influenced or contributed to architecture in a profound way.  :)

Mar 25, 14 11:34 am

The asian architects are taking over it seems xP

Mar 25, 14 11:38 am

Why does everyone want Holl to win this thing that's the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in architecture?  Has he played the game too well?  Is he the most loyal of team players who's heart will break if he dosen't get one more medal on his chest?  I find the whole architectural establishment endlessly fascinating.

Mar 25, 14 12:43 pm

I think the prize given to Robert Venturi shell be confiscated and canceled.

The guy has driven us into a big sh#t called postmodern, the sh#t we still are unable to recover from. 

Mar 29, 14 12:03 pm
( o Y o )

Only Venturi?

I'd add Gehry, Hadid, Herzog & De Moron, Koolhaas, Moreno, Mayne, Meier and Johnson.

Mar 29, 14 2:05 pm

"The guy has driven us into a big sh#t called postmodern, the sh#t we still are unable to recover from."

Are we sheep? When did we stop thinking for ourselves? If there is blame to be assigned, I think it also should cover those who blindly followed those guys down that path.

Mar 29, 14 3:56 pm

Jean Nouvel,


You are the one who think that way but some of the architects that you mentioned in there really deserved it to win the Prize such as Herzog and de Meuron who you named them badly in your comment. I can see your ignorance in that because even architects such Eduardo Souto de Moura likes the work of H&dM because they know what they are doing most of the time. 

Apr 8, 14 5:29 pm

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