what were your childhood hobbies



Dec 12, 09 8:35 pm


Dec 13, 09 1:02 am

Mutual funds, short sales, and risk management.

Dec 13, 09 1:44 am

Legos,drawing buildings, throwing silverware from 5th floor.

Dec 13, 09 4:21 am

killing threads.

Dec 13, 09 5:48 am

keeping threads on life-support...

Dec 13, 09 6:53 am

Chasing the women

Dec 13, 09 12:39 pm
job job

throwing bundles of things in the air, looking at the patterns they made on the ground - being slightly disappointed they didn't look 'random' enough

Dec 13, 09 12:51 pm

Legos, drawing

Dec 13, 09 12:54 pm

my brother, friend, and I use to steal bikes in the neighborhood next to ours, customize them in the abondoned homes(so cool we had a workshop), then ride by on our new creations. so much fun yet so evil.

we use to bust down peoples fences and build tree houses in the woods behind our house. there were many vacant homes in our neighborhood at the time. we called ourselves the tanaka kids just play wii all day....oh so sad.

we were about 8 and 9 years old. our workshop got busted when people moved in the house. such a sad day.

now I love to design things out of thrash....oh all those child hood experiences

Dec 13, 09 1:18 pm


Dec 13, 09 1:24 pm

Mark_M, ever heard of ?

Dec 13, 09 2:04 pm


Dec 13, 09 2:12 pm

dry hump girls in church

Dec 13, 09 2:51 pm

putting toy models together without the instructions...really, GI Joes, and forts in the woods.

Dec 13, 09 9:12 pm

writing corporate cash-flow statements got me pretty hard as a youngster.

Dec 14, 09 2:19 am

I created the idea for financial derivatives on my "etch a sketch".

Dec 14, 09 2:50 am

Warhammer 40000!

Dec 14, 09 3:33 am
autocratic rule

I set up a psuedo-society in the woods near my house with my cousins and neighbors. It was a veritable utopia with tree forts and ample imagination. Once complacency had set in amongst my prepubescent playmates, however, I made myself president, appointed a crony general, and tried to extract taxes. When this failed, I declared war by way of a massive surprise snowball assault. In retrospect, it's probably better that this effort was defeated, thus quelling my lust for power. This probably all came as a result of watching too much C-Span as a child, coupled with the angst of not being allowed to drink soda.

I also liked playing with Legos and swimming.

Dec 14, 09 11:34 am
Save Western

We had this survey in first year studio late one night and basically all the people we asked (minus a few who realized they were in the wrong major and changed) had lego addictions as children.

Lego should offer scholarships.

Dec 15, 09 8:28 pm

accidents, star wars, and playing war with the german kids.

Dec 15, 09 8:56 pm
Distant Unicorn

"now kids just play wii all day....oh so sad."

Have you seen loitering laws, trespassing laws, vandalism laws et cetera?

A could goes to build a fort in the woods and gets dragged out by the state police and faces up to 5 years in prison these days. Who wants to mess with that?

I did almost exactly now what I did as a child. Smoked cigarettes, reading too much, plotting my escape from this state and being a subversive smartass.

Dec 15, 09 9:03 pm
Distant Unicorn

A kid*

Dec 15, 09 9:03 pm
a mouse


and lego, surfing, fishing and the building of forts.

Dec 15, 09 9:41 pm

Orochi was born a hipster.

Dec 15, 09 11:30 pm

As a child, I enjoyed reading books. Modern children are not like that. they from an early age play online games, my children are the same, often play this game

Sep 4, 18 11:00 am

I'm assuming minecraft will replace lego as the answer of choice among interns any day now, if it hasn't already.

Sep 4, 18 11:27 am

not getting shot or stab 

Sep 5, 18 4:00 pm

Damming the creek.

Sep 5, 18 5:14 pm

Listening to the latest hip hop in Philly in the late 70s and early 80s, writing my own ryhmes, going to clubs and block parties  to see the latest neighborhood dj’s  and MCs,(cosmic Kev, Perry P, grand masters of funk, grand master Nell, disco rat),taking the subway downtown to the Gallery mall to see girls , the skyscrapers and the latest World War 2  model kits  at the Allied Hobies store.

Drawing and designing buildings, skylines, cars, buses, subways and spaceships. Reading volumes of World War 2 encyclopedias, watching the World at War documentary....studying the history and performance of World war 2 tanks, planes and ships, reading encyclopedias of a World war 2 tanks. Building numerous modle kits of all of the most prominent tanks, airplanes and ships of World War 2 (over 20 models).

playing basketball daily for hours each day in the summer and playing football.  Playing football (earning the team captain spot) and wrestling in highschool.  Avoiding the pitfalls of fights and violence of Growing up in a big city in the 70s and early 80s. All of this has shaped and propelled me into a career in Architecture.

Dec 22, 19 12:00 pm

Not sure what age you're looking for, but ill give you a list of what my elementary school days were like:

reading sci-fi, watching Arthur, Gamemaker...iykyk, running, and soccer

not in order.

Dec 22, 19 2:27 pm

I was 5 when I decided to become an architect.  Ten minutes later I figured out how to draw in perspective.  Regrettably, in third grade, I was home alone on my birthday, and found my last present.  I prayed it was an amazon gift card so I could buy structural books.  I opened it, and felt sick to my stomach: It was the cd Now 4.

It wasn't until over a year later I heard Sum 41's Fatlip on another now cd.  I heard the opening riff and knew that I had to play the guitar.  I got one from a music store that was going out of business.

Dec 22, 19 5:08 pm

I quit music & all forms of art quite recently. It was another unrealized hobby: science that caught my attention later.

Non Sequitur

how long until you quit "science" too? Because you're not good at that either.


lol i have NO INTEREST in the biological sciences Non Sequitur


really, i love making art but it's time


I chose my classes in high school as meticulously as possible, to learn all I would need in the world. I held many jobs.


I had a scholarship to Marquette university, a full ride, and went 3.5 years of high school

Non Sequitur

What’s your point? You’re total shit at art and music as you’ve demonstrated here countless time and I seriously doubt your other academic skills. At least you’ve stopped using twitter to drop terrible angsty lyrics to the world.


Legos, later video games

Dec 23, 19 12:25 am

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