HxW or WxH


Which is correct when specifying the size of a 2D artwork? Height x Width, or Width x Height?

I'm guessing it's HxW:,

Also ... testing, testing (because threads I create don't seem to appear on the front page anymore for some reason).

Dec 4, 09 3:07 am

the standard for three dimensions is HxWxD, which leads me to believe it's HxW.

Dec 4, 09 3:55 am

But wait ... on Windows Vista when you view the size dimensions of an image file (e.g. right-click --> properties --> details --> image --> dimensions), it seems to display the size as WxH. This is on Windows Vista.

I'm guessing I should just use HxW anyway.

Dec 6, 09 3:32 am

Funny -- I would have thought width x height. . .

Dec 6, 09 6:00 pm

always think XxYxZ (z=depth)

Dec 6, 09 6:11 pm

Right -- depth (the third dimension) would make sense to come last, in any event.

In wood, we call the width (across the grain) first -- a sheet of plywood is 4 x 8, not 8 x 4 -- unless in fact the grain direction is reversed (you can get 1/8" bending poplar either way).

Dec 6, 09 6:59 pm

I always thought it was H first then W. I'm just basing that on 2D things like photos and paintings. for example an 8 x 10 photograph is in landscape format. And every painting I know is based on that.

Dec 6, 09 9:16 pm

So -- it looks pretty unanimous.

Dec 6, 09 9:21 pm

So does this still apply to 

1209.1 Crawl spaces. Crawl spaces shall be provided with a
minimum of one access opening not less than 18 inches by 24


Here in the office we just had a discussion about the height of the crawl space...I say 24" high the others say it makes no sense and is 18".

Jan 26, 12 7:53 pm


Dec 7, 19 6:18 pm

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