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Good afternoon everyone,

Need some advice! I've been working in a architecture environment for 2 yrs and for many reason Ive grown to hate the design orientation of construction and producing design development &  construction documents. While in school I worked for a subcontractor and I now realize that I loved it and my personality was meant to work in the construction management field. I've been applying to many positions and lucky enough i have landed interviews but I have gotten the same negative feedback that i do not have enough project management experience, excel experience, timberline experience, primavera experience etc…….. I've even got a response telling me I have too much AutoCAD and Revit experience (Intern Architects would love this problem).

Basically I want to become a Construction Project Manager without going back to school for Civil Engineering or for a Bachelors in Construction Management. I also want to obtain IDP credits into construction management. Still want to become a license architect. Any advice?

Feb 13, 14 1:34 pm

I recently made the same switch to CM/GC. The advice I would give you is do anything that you can to play up any experience you have on a site, such as punchlist work, site visits, etc. I also framed houses during my summers in college which helped me some, but basically emphasize any ways in which your arch experience will help you learn quickly. I also bought some basic books on construction management and read them which were helpful. I would also put some time in learning at least Excel and Microsoft Project.

Once you jump into a few projects, you can learn very quickly. It can be very exciting but there is also a lot of paperwork involved. My advice is look for any positions that will give experience both on site and with the scheduling financial aspects of the project. Most entry-level/lower-level positions will fit in with this criteria, you will basically work between the PM and the superintendent.

Feb 13, 14 1:52 pm

Thanks Nice I have also done hands-on construction work...  Ive been applying to Assistant-Junior PM positions and even entry estimator position. I know there's a lot of paper work (to me it beats choosing crown moulding). What position did you land and what positions would you recommend that I apply to get my foot in the door to eventually become a CM?

Feb 13, 14 2:04 pm

I am an Assistant PM and I got to see my first project all the way through from submittals to now doing closeouts and punchlist work. I would go for Assistant PM or Project Engineer positions, you will get a mixture of experiences on site and in the office. Estimating is a little different, not much site work and not really for me from what I can see. The best advice I can give is spend as much time on site early on as possible. That way you see everything come together in front of you and you really learn how a construction site works. If you don't understand something fully, don't be scared to ask a question. Talking to sub contractors about their work allows me to learn a great deal about a large variety of trades.

Feb 13, 14 2:20 pm



Can I PM you with a few questions regarding your APM position?



Feb 14, 14 10:12 pm

Yes, definitely

Feb 16, 14 8:39 am


 PM Sent.  


Feb 16, 14 8:49 am

Nice - my PM got bounced back to me in an email. Can you confirm if it made it through to you? Thanks.

Feb 17, 14 2:49 pm

My apologies, my account was linked to an old email address, I just switched it yesterday. Do you mind sending it again?

Feb 18, 14 8:10 am

Nice - resent the PM.



Feb 18, 14 12:38 pm

^ Good luck brother.

Feb 26, 14 9:06 am

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