Nike Air Jordans


So i just heard that the lead designer for the Air Jordan shoes that come out every year is a former architect.. Anyone know of any of his work, please post pics of his work if there are any.

Jun 3, 09 10:11 pm

Which Air Jordan's... I know Air Jordan III's are designed by Tinker Hatfield who was a former architect.

There's like 24 different lines of Air Jordans and 4 different classes. I think some other architects, designers et cetera are involved heavily in the Samples line.

He isn't the lead designer though.

He is, however, one of the world's largest douchebags. Even Anna Wintour has said it.

Jun 3, 09 10:35 pm

I think this is one of the only building's he has ever designed... and it is his home.

Oh man and most of you think classicism is terrible...

Jun 3, 09 10:38 pm

if it's his, it's fun. if he inflicted it on someone else...

Jun 4, 09 7:50 am

Whoa.. Glad he stuck to shoes..

Jun 4, 09 9:39 am

that is one of those buildings that look good on paper but...

i recently did some as builts of a crappy, all white "contemporary/modern" house where geometries looked tacked on...i was surprised at how cool it looked on paper drawn as elevations...

Jun 5, 09 12:57 am

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Oct 12, 18 4:44 am

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