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So, I am in my Junior year of my undergrad right now and am currently taking a construction course.  Basically we are supposed to draw construction details for a certain type of construction...mine is a full facade of glass construction (not a curtain wall though). Does anyone have any good resources I could check out that show good construction details. I've checked the library and have found very little help. 

Thanks so much!

Nov 22, 13 11:00 am

Are there any case study buildings to reference?

Nov 22, 13 12:14 pm  · 

the 'not a curtain wall' is one hell of a limit...  It's a vast and broad category.. so you need a structural glass facade system...  which makes me think of glass fin systems or cable nets, but even those would technically fall under a curtain wall category, if I'm not mistaken.  Enclos has some good images of these types of systems.

I'm hoping you have a case study which might qualify the "not a curtain wall" as "not a traditional curtain wall" 

You could detail a storefront system.. a bit of a snarky copout

...maybe a channel glass system?  Take a look at Pilkington Profilit or Bendheim Wall Systems, perhaps?  Not particularly interesting or too challenging to detail... and even these, at a certain building size will be installed as curtain walls...

Nov 23, 13 2:09 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Glass block perhaps?

Nov 23, 13 2:22 pm  · 

Look at the work of Front Inc. At the moment, I cannot get some links on their website to work, but they have done some good work in glass facades.

Two case studies are the Vakko Headquarters in Turkey and the Glass Pavilion in Toledo. The facades on these are essentially pure glass.

Nov 23, 13 3:05 pm  · 

Yes, not being able to have a curtain wall is very limiting. My GSI is insistent on have a non curtain wall construction. The Vakko Headquarters and Glass Pavilion link were both very helpful. Thank you so much!  He really wants us to be able to draw a detail of how the wall meets the roof and grade. If you know of any more links to drawings I could check out that would be amazing. Thanks again everyone!

Nov 24, 13 6:21 pm  · 

seconds on the Front inc. research. I had the privilege of interviewing Mark Simmons once, and I seriously doubt that there is another living human who knows more about glass than he does.
In the Toledo Glass Pavilion, they engineered a special support for the glass panels, which is concealed in the floor and is almost like an old school carriage spring. It allows the panels to move vertically. From what I recall, the glass itself is precisely manufactured to minimize lateral expansion and contraction, and thus the structural silicon bead between the panels is insanely small...

Nov 24, 13 6:32 pm  · 

Detail of the Glass Pavilion's facade system.

Nov 24, 13 7:22 pm  · 

Scroll down for more info on SAANA's Glass Pavilion - (another section, also transverse to the "rocker" springs under the glass panels)

You might also be interested in looking at how Mies details the exterior walls in the United States Post Office in Chicago, or the TD Bank pavilion in Toronto. There will likely be books in your library with details.

There is also this Glass Pavilion  in a place called Broughty Ferry, which may be relevant.

The sections for this glass house should be pretty interesting. But this one you don't even really need a section to figure out, as it's all pretty transparent :)

Also see

Nov 24, 13 8:27 pm  · 
check out the apple store on fifth ave nyc or tkts in time square, both are interesting cases of structural glass and should have details online
Nov 26, 13 10:36 am  · 

Detail magazine/ Detail Practice books- Don't know for sure, but willing to bet that they'll have good info.

Nov 26, 13 12:33 pm  · 

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