>>>high tide >>>today in Venice

>>>Rio Marin canal

Nov 19, 13 10:28 am
boy in a well

Venice, I still love you.

Nov 19, 13 5:01 pm

this is what happens when architects build what the public wants! Fucking public.

Nov 19, 13 5:15 pm
boy in a well

I bet the roof leaks, too.

Nov 19, 13 5:28 pm

If only Kanye West and Kim Kardashian could stop by for a photo op and some concert tickets, the waters would magically recede.

I guess we can always hope...

Nov 19, 13 5:48 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos


yep, that's Kanye West -  oooops! - that's me + rain boots 

Nov 20, 13 10:25 am

Oh, that's a reflection.

At first I thought kos sapa kos was impling that he'd pissed his pants, and flooded venice.

Nov 20, 13 10:27 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

:))))  with small details such as vedova's self portrait...

Nov 20, 13 10:49 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

>>>specific anti-high tide techniques




Nov 21, 13 5:45 am
On the fence


And some people romanticize this engineering mistake.

Nov 21, 13 3:52 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Nice, Will.

And I think what people romanticize, but don't realize, is the lack of cars. It took me a few days to realize that there weren't any.
Nov 21, 13 7:58 pm

Agua Alta happens once or twice a year. it gets worse when there is a storm at the other end of the Adriatic Sea. Global climate change at your door step, look out New York Miami you are next.

If you have ever been to Venice it is wonderful but most buildings abandon the ground floor this space serves as storage and or a boat garage. Some of the churches and museums are actually a few feet up on a plinth of steps but the older ones and the plazas and many shops are not protected. In piazza St Marko the shops have built in slots in the colonnade where heavy boards are wedged in to act as a temporary levy system.

Nov 22, 13 8:15 am
boy in a well

otf: Ms Farnsworth, is that you?

Nov 22, 13 8:33 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

>>>Peter - very true...

>>>walking on footbridges during high tide in Gondola Ferry Station (S.Toma)

Nov 27, 13 4:55 am

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