Construction Document Experience for Internships-?


When firms are looking for experience in construction documents, can anyone provide some detail into what they are looking for? Is knowledge in scheduling something firms are looking for? What about the writing (materials and sizes)? Is this a deal breaker with a lot of firms? I see more and more are asking for experience with construction drawings. Yes, I could make the drawing, but I would not be able to do any of the scheduling. Thank you in advance!

Nov 14, 13 6:57 pm

It means have you ever put out a set of anything? Quit while you're ahead!

Nov 15, 13 12:11 am

Do You Know Construction Details?

Nov 15, 13 12:15 am

If you have your egress wells more than 125' feet apart you need 2hr separation wall... but don't quote me, I'm not an architcheche

Nov 15, 13 12:21 am

unfortunately asking someone if they have construction document experience is the same thing as asking them if they have work experience.  the best thing you could do is take an existing set of drawings and try to reproduce them.  scheduling is part of CDs and is just a part of the set where you define placeholders so that you can key it in somewhere else.  so if the specs for window type "a" get changed, you just change it on the schedule and not on every single drawing that it shows up in.  the deal breaker is that you don't have experience, sorry.

Nov 15, 13 8:04 am

backbay, I am one of those who actually doesn't have much CD experience, which does translate into minimal experience. I really don't want to give up on my chances of ever getting a job (invested a lot, have been told my design skills are good....). The idea of replicating a CD set (I have done one small one for my previous temp. position) is a great one, the only problem where could somebody like me get a set. Would potential employers ( those who have told me, maybe just for the heck of it, that they would call me if something opened up) be willing to give me an older set to replicate, ideally in Revit. Thank you for an answer...

Nov 15, 13 10:08 am

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