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So apparently NCARB has shut down the ARE Forum citing the violation of its confidentiality agreement regarding test content. Needless to say they took down the only website supporting those of us going through the registration exams. There was a wealth of information on that site that took literally years of collection. I am not sure when it will come back as NCARB has said they are reviewing every post of the site and removing those that they consider inappropriate, that could take years I would assume and by then the ARE 5.0 new test will be launched which is promising to be a radical departure from previous test contents.

So I have started this thread as a way to pull together links and resources I believe are of value to those studying for their ARE.

Please feel free to add

Nov 11, 13 11:57 am

Nov 11, 13 11:58 am

video tutorial on the structural vignette:

Also has links to other similar videos

Nov 11, 13 11:59 am

i think 5.0 is not scheduled to launch til 2015

Nov 11, 13 3:41 pm

5.0,  is not scheduled to launch til late 2016. hopefully we will pass the 4.0 by then

Nov 11, 13 5:13 pm
J.W. Smith
Wow just saw the NCARB release. Figured something was up. I wouldn't bet on it coming back anytime soon.

See "" a lot of the same good info transferred over. Coach from AREforum is moderator. He's helped a lot of ppl over there and is continue to do so now.
Nov 11, 13 6:47 pm

Thanks J.W.!  Coach was very helpful on the forum.

Nov 11, 13 6:50 pm

"NCARB is not here to keep people out of the profession."
yeah, right...

just protecting public health, safety, and welfare by limiting access to FREE crowd-source education options. Public health, safety, and welfare can't possibly be upheld without charging people (most of whom are, by the way, in financial quicksand already as per the education system) ridiculous amounts for study resources for ridiculously priced tests (which, according to popular opinion, aren't quite as relevant to the practice as they claim to be).

Nope, potential 'Architects' are simply beneath treating as members of the public. Our health, safety, and welfare are only there to be trampled first by narcissistic professors, then by the plethora of 'professional organizations', and by our employers, and by our clients, and lastly by the very same public we are supposed to be protecting (see the Why Can't you Build What We Want thread).

Then there's always the question of promoting good test-takers to positions of responsibility vs good architects/designers/builders. And then there's the fact that building code legislation and public officials who enforce it are supposed to be the ultimate protectors the public health, safety, and welfare (making it theoretically impossible to actually endanger the public, only possible to fail at the permitting stage of any given project).

ps. thx for all the links people. I just love learning (sometimes obscure) useful shit, and then deploying said knowledge in appropriate circumstances. Wouldn't life be grand If we could all just do that and cut out the bullshit bureaucratic middlemen leeches?

example: Just do sustainability, but don't bother with LEED or other moneygrab certification system. Do it because it's the right thing to do, and just sell it to your client as such. Not as an 'extra' service that comes at a premium.

Nov 11, 13 10:57 pm
vado retro

Nov 12, 13 9:53 am

^ also a great reference. I was feeling a pit panicked that all of these great resources, which would take an great deal of time and or money to find, would be lost during the shutdown of the site. So its nice to see that they are still out there. Maybe NCARB kind of screwed themselves by going after the forum shutting it down completely, rather than identifying "illegal" posts as they surfaced, they scattered the material across the web instead of having it in one convenient spot where it could be monitored.

I really hate to see what they have in store for the next version of this test. I have heard from some with contacts who are in the process of creating the test that it will be a radical departure from previous tests. It won't even look like architecture as we know it, it will be more about management and bean counting.

I just want to get it over with ASAP.

Nov 12, 13 10:09 am

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