ADA (2010) Shower Seat Regulation


From the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

Department of Justice

September 15th, 2010


Figure 610.3.1 for Rectangular Shower Seat indicates a maximum of 1.5" (38 mm) from the adjacent wall when fixing an ADA compliant shower seat.


We have received the shower seats from the supplier and they are alot smaller than we expected.  We went ahead and installed the item (as shown in the image) as per the regulation, but its small size (width of about 360 mm)  makes me question this regulation in this case.   Additionally, I would like to ask why exactly should the shower seat be a maximum of 1.5" away from the adjacent wall in a corner? 

Anyone have any ideas as to how this specific shower seat should be installed, or should we just go ahead and follow what's written in ADA Standards?

The diagram in the ADA standards is shown on this website as well:

Nov 3, 13 10:07 am

Maybe so the user can rest their back/side against the wall? Is the seat size not regulated as well? I mostly work with roll-in showers at my office and the seats are much larger than the one pictured.

Nov 3, 13 12:59 pm
So if you slip and fall in the shower your entire arm isn't jambed in there and breaks. Same regulation for shower handrails.
Nov 3, 13 3:04 pm

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