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I understand that in practice, you keep learning skills that are relevant to architecture, but what about the very crucial life skills, self- improvement skills?. I don't know of any firms that do goal settings and follow up on them or deliver self-management training or offer leadership guidance, which I feel is much needed, especially with the kind of expectations there are from employees. Does anyone know if this happens in any firms? Do they have trainings, offsites and  things of that sort?Do firms invest in learning and development? IF yes, what sort? If no, how come? Or is architecture such an exclusive profession?

Oct 26, 13 2:55 am

Most firms want younger sheep to be like senior sheep so training is very much about mentoring and learn through the guidance of team leader [who have no leadership skills]. HOK probably has more of the things you describe. Lots of practices see CDP [delivered by product reps] as 'training'

To organise out of house training is expensive and inhouse training often means you have to have staff set aside to learn to train and takes profits out of the pockets of the partners who never were trained.

While you might see my answer cynical, I agree with you on your point.  One-off workshops delivered by a 'training group' without a bigger vision is not the answer.

Oct 26, 13 4:46 am

Thanks a lot, TED. That makes complete sense. Trainings might be expensive, but I've come to notice that they're extremely crucial and you can't just depend on experiential learning to get where you want to anymore, especially in a competitive environment and absolutely not if you're goal driven. I couldn't understand what CDP stands for.

I checked out HOK, they seem to be the kind of firm I would love to work with, as I've volunteered quite a bit as well. Do you know of any other similar firms that focus on the bigger picture?

Oct 29, 13 5:24 am

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