Sketching apps on the Ipad


Hi, I'm curious to know if anyone regularly uses the ipad for sketching and in what capacity. Do you use it mainly for sketching concepts, redlining design drawings in the field, finished renderings, etc.? I'm looking to incorporate the ipad more into my workflow and am aware of Morpholio Trace and Paper by 53, but am interested to know if anyone knows of others? Has anyone had any good/bad experience with these apps? Thanks!

Oct 22, 13 1:10 am

Paper is the best one. You don't need other recommendations.

Oct 22, 13 12:31 pm

paper. definitely. i have both it and sketchbook pro - there are a few things skpro does that are nice (layering as one) but paper is far, far more intuitive and easy to just 'use'. buy all the brushes and color mixing. worth every penny.

Oct 22, 13 9:14 pm

Hmm, I'll have to try Paper, I've been using Autodesk "Formit":

Not so sure about the name though.....

Oct 23, 13 4:17 pm

Formit, is coming along, and has been. Sketchup will fall by the wayside soon, if they can't figure out an app for iOS. Paper is real nice too, and now you can print out, and in a bound format - in Moleskine no less. There are a couple of more that I use too; Art Set and Sketches.

Oct 23, 13 9:52 pm

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