What do YOU think of this unconventional design?


Hello all!


I've been working on this exciting new project and I've come up with a gasping, unconventional design!


I know its a little "out there" but hey architecture is all about pushing the limits, am I right ? !


This monument is entitled " MUSHROOM CLOUD OVER STICK OF STONE".

It's energy self-sufficient, turnable to the east (or west, it can be rotated on its STICK OF STONE axis)

What's the verdict my fellow peers!?

Forever yours,



Oct 10, 13 12:12 pm

i am now in support of mile's suggestion that there be a 10 post minimum before new accounts are allowed to post new topics.

Oct 10, 13 12:20 pm

The drawing reminds me of this.  Always appropriate.

Oct 10, 13 12:46 pm
Non Sequitur

I like it and think I'll order a dozen for my front yard and broom closets.

Oct 10, 13 12:58 pm


Oct 10, 13 1:38 pm
Mushroom cloud. Classic. My fellow peers. I think all students can re use this in all crits. It's like Rick rolling the critics.
Oct 10, 13 4:06 pm

I like this one better

Oct 10, 13 7:11 pm

LOL, MIles!

Oct 10, 13 8:46 pm

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