Hatch Patterns Correct designations??


Hi all,

After long time, I still being extremely perplexed, which hatch pattern signifies the wanted material, and even with searching, I would find sources stating contradicting informations; for example, some stated the a specific hatch pattern for structural brickwork, then others state the same hatch pattern for reinforced concrete!!.

So, I would be thankful if someone, someone who 100% is assured about hatch patterns, would tell me or send me even any material stating the correct Hatch patterns for most of building and structural materials, if not all.

Best wishes.

Oct 2, 13 1:32 am
Materials in assemblies get called out anyway. There are some conventions, but I think the best use of hatches is to simply show contrast between layers, to give a material thickness as opposed to leaving a blank area between two lines.
Oct 2, 13 7:22 am

Designate all of your hatch patterns on your cover sheet and use whatever hatches work best for your given situation.

Oct 2, 13 9:13 am

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