Client takes credit for design

What do architects or designers usually say when a client tends who claims that he designed the work himself.

Sep 22, 13 12:17 am

The best architect I've ever known always kept this quote pinned to the bulletin board over his desk:

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."  Harry S. Truman

Sep 22, 13 12:33 am

Tell him what a great job he did as you hand him your invoice.

Sep 22, 13 12:49 am

Don't worry about it.  Let them design it themselves when they get the next project. ;)  It'll come back bite their ass hard.

Sep 22, 13 3:53 am

It all depends on the complexity of the project.  It if a Master Bedroom Suite Addition....I would say don't worry about it.  If it was a 60+ story building I might check to see if you client stole your architectural stamp...

Sep 22, 13 9:40 pm
Loads if residential clients say this shit. Don't worry about it, it just means that they feel some ownership of the process.
Sep 22, 13 10:14 pm

+1 gruen. I've had clients say this, and usually count it as a clear indicator I did a great job involving them in the process. Take it as a compliment.

Sep 23, 13 12:46 pm

Success has a thousand fathers, but failure is an orphan.  As long as you got paid, take it as a compliment.  What else can you do?

If something goes wrong because of your design, believe me, they will suddenly decide that it was all your doing.  Hmmmmm, I wonder if their claiming credit would work as a defense in a lawsuit?  (No such luck)

Sep 25, 13 9:39 am

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