Haloweeny background


What's with the ugly background? I know it's Halloween and all, but come on. Between that, the voting banner, and all the new colors for links and thread titles, Archinect is becoming much less "safe for work" every day.
<bgsound src=""></bgsound>

Oct 31, 08 8:47 am
brian buchalski's kinda of myspace-lame. i wish the forums were just black-on-white text. or even better, maybe a white-on-black text with a cad-like font so that my masters, er, bosses couldn't tell i was on web while glancing over my shoulder

fewer pictures too = better

Oct 31, 08 8:52 am

I like the background. Something different. worse thread ever. "safe for work". Are you serious?

Oct 31, 08 8:53 am
brian buchalski

on second thought, i don't mind the holiday background so much as it's temporary, 1-day fun (no worse but less entertaining than when per posted animations in the titles of threads)...but all the other color, advertisements, countdowns, etc are just tired.

do we have the option to pay our way out of advertisements? maybe i missed that.

Oct 31, 08 9:00 am

Okay, this is really the only topic I have had a chance to read because my boss keeps walking past my office space. But I don't think it would make a difference if it was a Halloween picture or an image of a contemporary building. If it isn't drafting I shouldn't be doing it. Is there a way that the archinect discussion board can be built into the Cad2010 interface?

Oct 31, 08 9:23 am
brian buchalski

i think the picture does make diffe

Oct 31, 08 9:31 am

I think you guys are just scared 'cause it's spooooky.

Oct 31, 08 9:35 am
liberty bell

I just wish I could see the house better, I have to keep refreshing to try to get a glimpse of it!

So anyone have any good costume ideas that can be made in, like, the half hour I'll have between getting the kid fed and heading out the door to trick or treat?

Oct 31, 08 10:01 am
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

I read the word "weeny" and suddenly regressed into a 11-year old version of myself.

Oct 31, 08 10:05 am
liberty bell

Halo - weeny: that's a misspelling begging to made into a costume?

Oct 31, 08 10:11 am

@lb - you can right-click on the image and go to 'view image background' ... if you dare!

Oct 31, 08 10:13 am

funny, normally i might agree and say "whats with the background??" but tonight for the first time ever i am going in costume to a halloween party - as uncle fester. so in the spirit of being silly i say its ok.

Oct 31, 08 10:20 am

come on guys, lighten up. since when was halloween tasteful?

Oct 31, 08 10:53 am

liberty bell, wear all red & put a mop top on your head & a colander on top of that... you're a bowl of spaghetti! I did that once when i was crushed for time once, i carried around a big spoon & a bottle of wine, too.

Oct 31, 08 11:11 am

haha! that spooky soundtrack just added to this thread had me scared for a minute! classic.

Oct 31, 08 12:18 pm
brian buchalski

i was trying to say that the pictures do make a difference because scary houses tend to give my boss the creeps...and he's already creepy enough.

Oct 31, 08 12:30 pm
won and done williams

i think turning the background black to resemble an autocad screen is brilliant. perhaps all the links could resemble tool bars. and can you make the cursor have crosshairs?

best design idea i've hear in some time. (i know i'm deprived.)

Oct 31, 08 12:33 pm

i hope someone else can hear the spooky noises, otherwise i guess my apartment or computer is haunted!

Oct 31, 08 12:40 pm
brian buchalski

i think i'm going to toss all of my old ipods in a bucket of water tonight for a 2008 version of "bobbing for apples"...hopefully i don't electrocute too many trick-er-treaters

Oct 31, 08 12:47 pm

p2an don't worry I hear it too; it sort of blends in with the normal sounds in my office of people moaning because of computer crashes and wind blowing through gaps in our single pane window wall.

Oct 31, 08 1:09 pm
liberty bell

tsquaredvixen, that's an excellent idea!

Love the creepy sounds.

Oct 31, 08 1:13 pm

I like the creepy background! It's festive! And a nice change, if just for a day ;o)

I agree with jafidler though....a version of Archinect that resembled a CAD screen would be awesome.

Oct 31, 08 2:29 pm

For my super lazy time saver, I'm thinking of a "Hello I'm" name tag with "Ted Mosby - Architect". Of course that only works for 50% of people.

Oct 31, 08 2:36 pm

i wonder wat vado would use as a costume.. dont ask me why,, im just wondering

can we petition for a drafting-like interface? you know wat, just reverse the colors, thats all, it will look like a drawing from some distance,,

Oct 31, 08 3:18 pm
brian buchalski

ok, halloween is practically over now so can we please knock off this whole "spooky" charade stuff and get to the real business of spinning HAPPY HOLIDAY MUSIC!!!!!! for the next 60 days?

thank you

Oct 31, 08 6:56 pm

halloween is so much cooler than chirstmas

Oct 31, 08 7:04 pm
Oct 31, 08 8:08 pm
brian buchalski

hey, put the background back where it the background

Nov 1, 08 8:52 am

i still hear ghosts!

Nov 1, 08 5:56 pm

it's gone :'(

Nov 1, 09 2:31 pm
brian buchalski

bring it year of course. time for christmas music now.

Nov 2, 09 9:03 am

haloweeny !!

Oct 31, 10 2:46 pm

My son was a very smart looking little desperado last night. I didn't have time to make myself a costume, but while digging through the halloween box looking for the glow-stick bracelets for him and his friends to wear I found the caterpillar head hat he wore as a toddler. It *just* fit on my head, so I was a caterpillar for the two hours we walked the neighborhood!

Nov 1, 10 9:50 am

'weeny pleesy thissy yeersy?

pitty pleese?

Oct 30, 11 4:46 pm

with sugar on top?

Oct 26, 12 2:44 am

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