What can I do with an architecture degree?


Right, so Im a complete newbie here, Im 18 in the UK  and Im starting a 3 year BA hons degree in Architecture soon. If I didn't go on to do the full 7 years to register as an architect I was wondering what sort of careers I could do when I graduate with my Part 1/BA degree (whether they're in the feild of architecture or not). I spoke to a proffessor at my uni that said some of his graduates of the 3 year architecture degree were doing draftsmen work paying £29,000 pa, and some had gone to work for barclays bank earning £40,000 pa. Can someone please explain to me what roles an architecture graduate could fill at barclays bank that pays 40k? because thats a lot of money to be earning straight out of uni! Yeah so if someone could explain to me the sort of careers I could get into with a Part 1 BA hons degree in Architecture that would be much appreciated, thanks :)

Sep 11, 13 1:26 pm

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