Need Your Advise


Hello All!!

As an experienced foreign architect, I don't know how to find a job in California?

There is no responses to my job applications.  That makes me very hopeless to find a job.


What should I do to get a job as soon as possible as a foreign architect?????

Should I get a master degree? or

Try to get license, or

Get enroll some extensions programs as Construction and environmental Management??


I need your advice.



Sep 8, 13 11:50 am

Do you have a visa to work in the US?

And if you do, in your CV and cover letter, do you make it very clear that you have a visa, can work for x months/years, whether you'll need your employer to act as your visa sponsor, etc.?

When we get resume's from abroad that don't let us know their visa status, we assume that the applicant does not have a visa, or knowledge of what's needed to work in the US, and don't give the application any further consideration.

Sep 8, 13 12:47 pm

Yes, I have a visa, green card,to work for any employment. I explain that issue every time at the bottom of my cover letters but not in my resume.

Sep 8, 13 6:28 pm

how did you become an experienced architect without a masters degree?

Sep 8, 13 8:27 pm

Hi accesskb,

I have around eleven years experience as an architect.

Do I need to have a master degree to be called an experienced architect? Could you tell me who is called an experienced architect?


Sep 9, 13 4:08 am

Hello everyone,

I feel a bit the same way, but I do not even have a visa... I live in Europe (Hungary), I have Msc and docotoral degree in Architecture. In my country I have 12 years experience, I am licenced and I can project individually without any limitation of size and type (practically after some paperwork I would have the same rights in any country of the EU).

Do you think I have any chance to find any employer that would sponsor my visa? there is not that much to my job applications

Would it help me to get my license in the US before? or moving there to search directly in situ and not from Europe?

thanks a lot

Sep 9, 13 12:51 pm

Husa, how is your English reading and speaking? Your writing seems fine.

Sep 9, 13 2:16 pm

My speaking and reading are excellent.

Sep 10, 13 7:38 pm

Husa. Several things you can do that may help.

1 Mention the Green Card in you resume in addition to the other countries you are liscened or permitted to do architectural work. Thi is a qualification not something to be ashamed of. Also If your cover letter is somehow separated from the resume you do not want that information lost.

2 Online Applications are a very hard way to land a job less than 10% effective. You need to realize that you probably are more than qualified but when a position is advertised there can be thousands of applicants and one of them may seem to be perfect, just because you are not perfect does not mean that you are not a talented designer. Try a dfifferent approach ask for advice not a job.

Below is the first line of your next email to an architect a specific person that you admire and does the kind of work you want to do

“Mr. Ms. Name of Person



Mr. Ms. Name of Person I am contacting you for information and advice that can help me achieve my career goals, I am not asking for a job just some direction. “

Start out with this do not ask for a job, Americans hate telling people no, they hate saying no to pan handlers on the street, they hate even more telling someone asking for a job no we can’t have you work here, this is tremendously unpleasant so never ask for a job until they suggest it.

However people love to give advice, it is a sign of great respect to ask for advice and people are more than happy to give you advice.

3. Get the book Cracking the hidden Job Market It has helped me I know it will help you

4. Continue designing things, a garden, shelves for a friend a bench for a park or something small you can start and finish in a few weeks, always have a current freelance project to do and to talk about when you go to an interview.

5. ask for help here and amongst your friends and family someone you know may know an architect and that becomes a lead that can help you get a job.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Sep 12, 13 6:01 pm

Dear Peter Normand,

I'll start to send some e-mails and get the book you mentioned.

Thank you very much for your advice...

I hope this is gonna work.

Sep 12, 13 6:47 pm

California is still recovering from a terrible economy, and positions are still difficult to find for people already living in California. Often is a postion becomes available it is for specific needs that require immediate attention. Many large projects that are going up today, were ones that were put on hold 4 to 6 years ago..While things are slowly improving, it is still tough here in the golden state.

Sep 12, 13 7:49 pm

If you are looking for work in any area, I suggest going to a company that knows what they're doing when it comes to getting people the jobs they want. I don't think it too late to get in touch with an employment company or a company that conducts regular job searches. Most times, your outcome depends on how much work you put into the entire process. If you're not willing to search high and low for work, chances are, you're going to get the job that you feel, you deserve. The job you want isn't just going to fall into your lap. You often have to work for it. When I was looking for a job in California, I thought I was going to be looking for work for years. When I finally came across, I was able to get in touch with a great recruiter. It wasn't incredibly easy to find jobs in Los Angeles, since it is so competitive. But I recommend for finding jobs in Los Angeles. 

Feb 25, 14 4:32 pm

No offense Husa, but your written English is not so good. I come from a foreign country too, so before you dismiss my advice, please take this into consideration. People who have strong accents can still write correctly. This is a must. God only knows how many mistakes you may have on your resume. 

One way to minimize risk in an office is to minimize the chance of miscommunication. Something as simple as forgetting to make a word plural can cost a lot of money and time. This is not just a problem for foreigners, but for people born here as well. Additionally, do you have any work experience in the United States? That may also be a problem... What can you offer that people born in California could not? These things should be considered in any job application you send out. 

Feb 26, 14 10:59 am

Case in point: Advise and Advice have to separate meanings... 

Feb 26, 14 11:58 am

i second the Hidden job market advice book - People you know are your best bet.  Blindly emailing or filling out online applications is a low percentage game

Feb 26, 14 12:43 pm

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