Advance Architecture vs. MSRED (MS Real Estate Devt)


go theoretical or go practical? Further my knowledge on more software like grasshopper or know the trade of real estate? virtual vs. the built environment?

which one would bring in more bacon $$$? I am passionate on parametricism but i also feel that learning real estate devt gives me a chance to be more productive and make more impact on real world issues. i am an architect and took urban design as a specialization. 


Sep 6, 13 11:05 pm


Sep 6, 13 11:50 pm


Sep 7, 13 10:42 pm

learning more grasshopper will guarantee you an intern position with intern money, and you'll just be in competition with fresh grads with more current skills than you.

Honestly, the best/cheapest way to learn stuff is to buy textbooks and just read them.  Pick up an overview R.E.D. book and some basic accounting and finance.  None of those "So you want to learn about Real Estate!?" books.  The easier the read the more of a waste of time it is (same goes with learning stuff via the internet).  If you're serious at that point, enroll in something like a certificate or a masters degree, or look up all the (readily available) syllabus's and reading lists on MIT's website and hop to it.

Development isn't rocket science, but its incredibly multidisciplinary... so many hats.

Sep 8, 13 12:47 am


that in so many words

Sep 9, 13 1:38 am


Sep 9, 13 10:48 pm

Not sure I'd equate learning grasshopper to theory.....

Sep 10, 13 8:45 am

virtual money sounds appealing.

Sep 10, 13 11:11 pm

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