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this just occurred to me here, just reading through, but do you think that any famous architects are on here, debating theory and criticism with everyone else, possibly defending or promoting their own work?  maybe its just me but sometimes i like to just imagine that since the internet is so anonymous, we may just be having conversations with these people without knowing it.  like really, who thinks zaha is stylish and pretty? zaha.  i feel the same way on reddit where the consistently funny users might just actually be  professional comedians.   i highly doubt he has time for it, but could you imagine obama getting into political debates online with people, and the don't even know who they're talking to?  


Sep 4, 13 11:36 pm
( o Y o )

Non, nous n'avons pas le temps ni l'envie de plaisanter avec péons.

Sep 4, 13 11:54 pm

Non, je crois que toutes les grandes etoiles d'architecture pensent que nous sommes pleins de merde.

Sep 4, 13 11:59 pm

I can imagine any of the more big-but-fragile egos curious to read what people write about them.  But they'd have a minion do the actual web time.

Sep 5, 13 12:31 am

Cameron Sinclair of "architecture for humanity" used to be somewhat active around here... as did quite a few individuals who are now "up-and-comers" in the field.  I might be imagining this, but I recall Bjarke posted something here during the early 2000s (maybe when he launched BIG?)


also - a while back people suspected Patrick Schumacher was posting on a thread critical of his theories.


I do know that some individuals pay attention (or used to pay attention) to what gets said around here.  There hasn't been as much discourse over theory on this site during the past few years (not sure why - maybe students aren't using this as a platform to disseminate or discuss ideas anymore - it's no longer new and exciting to learn about what is happening in arch schools around the world - or it could just be a product of the recession), but I do remember a time when archinect was sometimes brought up in panel discussions among some heavy hitters - I think because it was the only place where one could gain insight into the minds of people just entering the field.


I also remember that thread about internships getting quoted in a major arch mag...

Sep 5, 13 10:35 am

Frank Gehry once came here for fashion advice.

Sep 10, 13 8:56 pm

^ Yes, because he had no clothes.

Sep 10, 13 9:04 pm

Frank Gehry once came here for fashion advice.

So this is where Steven Holl got the idea for that over-sized orange scarf that looks like a pumpkin.  Can you imagine him filing into the first class section of some wide-bodied jet wearing that?  I'd bet it raised some eyebrows among the suits riding up front.

Sep 10, 13 9:07 pm

See, look at the image of history being made.

Sep 10, 13 9:14 pm

^ After looking at all that, I can't decide if I need an aspirin or a shower.

Sep 10, 13 10:07 pm

You NEED to say "Thank you," citizen.

Sep 10, 13 10:18 pm

oh my

Sep 10, 13 11:08 pm

That thread from the old site is over 10 years old. My wife was destroying some old PC backup CD's from an old computer and fortunately that thread was saved in a folder I used on her computer when we were dating. There are more scattered some of my old hard drives. I tried to save full threads back in the day out of fear that they would be deleted if something really got out of hand. The one I'm really sad about not having is from when the Russian Cosmonaut hung out here for a bit while he was on the ISS in space. IN SPACE, posting on Archinect. What an amazing time that was.

Sep 10, 13 11:56 pm

Thank you, La Torpille Rose.  Thank you, thank you.  I do think I remember this thread. I don't remember the cosmonaut.

It's cool to be reminded how much the internet has changed in only ten years.

Sep 11, 13 7:33 am

La Torp, you miss-posted. That belongs in How to dress like an Architect.

Sep 11, 13 8:45 am

The only thing this thread is missing is a picture of a highbrow architect tossing his scarf over his shoulder as he is annoyed by something as he prepares the leave the office stage left (or stage right).  Don't a lot of architects, either the stars or the wannabees, have this gratuitous on-stage dramatic air about them?

Sep 11, 13 8:55 am

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