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I am a B.Arch graduate from American University of Sharjah. I graduated in the year 2009 and have worked occasionally on freelance projects since. So basically I haven't been employed since graduation in 2009. I tried looking for full-time jobs recently with a revamped portfolio but the response has not been very good due to the work gap in the CV. So I am thinking if I should apply to graduate school for Fall 2014 to help me get back into good practicing firms. 

I need advice regarding if I should continue looking for work or focus on studying for my GREs and getting my paper-work together to apply to Columbia, UPenn, AA & Sci-Arch for Masters in Architecture. 

Please advice as to what is the best way to get back into the profession. 

Sep 4, 13 6:20 pm

My portfolio site can be found at

It has my work in concise form. 

Please have a look and advice. Thanks. 

Sep 4, 13 6:25 pm

Get a job.  Get work experience.  If you've done all those renderings in your portfolio site, you should have no problem finding a job doing renderings at the very least.  If you stick with the firm, you might grow and get more practical experience.  

Sep 5, 13 1:23 am

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