Progressive Firms in Denver Colorado?

I'll be living in downtown Denver from December 08 - July/Aug 09.

Then attending grad school either on the west or east coast depending on where i'm accepted.

Looking for progressive design work.

NOT interested in working just to work for an architecture firm, or money, or work/life balance, or benefits.

I'm looking for working with a group of passionate people who are all about the project to gain experience working on progressive design.

I've done a small amount of "google research" on these firms.

faleide architects
semple brown design
in situ design
anderson mason dale architects
roth + sheppard architects
gensler – denver

Anyone with personal insight on them? or other firms in Denver?

If what i'm looking for doesn't exist in Denver, then i'll come up with a different plan.

Sep 2, 08 4:43 pm

those are all good firms doing progressive work here in denver. I personally worked at semple brown...super laid back office with an emphasis on good design.

try these as well

Sep 2, 08 6:45 pm  · 

Stumbled across this

Sep 4, 08 12:05 pm  · 

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