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MArch n' unemployed

and you know what, it may actually teach some architecture students a thing or two about construction. personally working in construction was the best thing i ever did as part of my educational experience. more students should know how to frame and set and plum a foundation. so i have to give the show kudos there, at least episode two

Sep 8, 08 1:09 am  · 
liberty bell

Questions after episode three:

1. How did the construction documents get done? Were they done over winter break by a professional, or Byron, or a select few students? It seems we've leapt straight from cardboard presentation model to CD's; I'd like to see the process of turning the idea into a communicative construction document - a studio in itself given the inexperience of these students, as evidenced by...

2. Did the participants in the "design discussion" taking place at the previous (blue) house ever realize that the "post" holding up the roof was actually just a brace for the guardrail? Not a structure for the roof, that in fact the roof was supporting the post instead? I may be wrong on this, but doubt it...

and 3. Who drives the snappy gold Miata?

This episode moved fast. I figured we'd be seeing safety lectures and lessons in how to use power tools, issues of job site security and preventing tools from getting stolen, and why on earth did they actually dig the foundation by hand?! I guess it's cheaper than hiring a bobcat for half a day. I feel bad for the poor kids, labor is hard!

Still enjoying it very much, just feel like it's moving too quickly now! I want to savor the process more!!!

Sep 10, 08 11:26 pm  · 
liberty bell

Am I the only one still watching?

I can't fathom the insurance question of having students build things - real things, especially two floors up in the air on a windy day.

I'm enjoying feeling like I'm getting a glimpse of what being an architecture student in New Orleans is like - as opposed to being an architecture student in New York, Los Angeles, or Detroit is like. The bars they keep filming in, and the street activity, are great in giving a sense of the local culture.

And...I'm curious now how proud they will all feel at the end, as bits of doubt about the overall venture seem to be creeping in.

Sep 22, 08 12:06 pm  · 

I can't find episodes 2 or 3

anyone have any better luck finding it without going the podcast route?

Sep 22, 08 6:00 pm  · 

i think its pretty ridiculous they overlooked issues like safety/security when designing the house. those windows are absurd.

i was wondering the same thing with the cds..

Sep 25, 08 9:20 pm  · 

i like the show. i'de like to see more of the studio time where the students came together and how/ why they designed the houses in that way and who drew the plans, etc. or who stamped them. my only complaint is the show is too short!

Sep 26, 08 5:57 pm  · 

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