Has political correctness gone overboard?


Well, has it?  A resounding yes.  It has become the ultimate game of walking on egg shells and it's really censorship.

And no surprise:  it's Seattle.  The white bread cities are the worst offenders when it comes to this sort of thing.  They make political correctness "make work," yet their denizens are the least likely to embrace diversity.  As long as it's NIMBY, it's fine.

The NYs, LAs, Chicagos,and Miamis embrace diversity, among others.  It's ok to ask "What are you?" and say "my friend the Puerto Rican," "my friend the Armenian," "my friend the Pole," and "my friend the Cuban," respectively.

Read this crock of shit:

And then read the comments and see how pissed off people are.  Even some Seattleites.

Aug 2, 13 8:45 pm

That's the stupidest thing I've read in a while. Thanks for pissing me off on a Friday observant lol. 

Aug 2, 13 8:52 pm

Political correctness makes me sick. 

Aug 2, 13 8:55 pm

Pussification or pacification, can't tell the difference. 

Aug 2, 13 9:11 pm
boy in a well

as a boy, sack lunch offends me.

or it gets me excited. I cant tell the difference anymore.

Aug 2, 13 9:50 pm

I've seen that some of the least politically correct and more blunt folks tend to have the highest level of diversity in the people they associate with.

Aug 3, 13 12:50 am
Noticed the same thing observant.

Walking on egg shells with people doesn't make you colorblind. It makes you so hyper-conscious of WHAT someone is you hardly pay attention to WHO they are.
Aug 3, 13 9:24 am

Yikes!  I just realized that my name is banned in an entire city.

Aug 3, 13 4:39 pm

Using 'resident' instead of 'citizen' doesn't really have anything to do with political correctness - the term 'resident' is simply more accurate.

The brown bag thing is beyond stupid, though.

Aug 3, 13 5:05 pm

this isnt political correctness; this is plain stupid.

Aug 3, 13 5:23 pm

Just don't don't call me a Norwegian...cause it makes me do my best break dancing ever. Power to the Blondes!

Aug 3, 13 6:31 pm

s-d-d:  I'll just call you a Carioca by annexation.

Aug 3, 13 6:33 pm
boy in a well

the new N-word?????

Aug 3, 13 6:49 pm
Wait. What? What do you call a brown bag then? Kinda tough to call it a white bag when it is brown. Kinda tough to call it a lunch sack when it is actually your purse.
Aug 5, 13 10:37 pm

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