Hey, all you fancy graphic lovers: or Pandora's box

I feel like this could be a horrible idea, but I just saw this image from the New York Times and couldn't help but think of that thread of old.

Jul 15, 08 2:13 pm

a sign that the apocalypse is upon us.

Jul 15, 08 2:16 pm  · 

i think per has already seen that project..or similar..and explained that it's not really his order for that to happen there'd have to be a lot of redundant horizontals and everything would be at a 45 degree angle.

Jul 15, 08 2:18 pm  · 

Exactly -- I just find it strange "unnatural" not to make the overlap at 90 deg, it must produce a much more homogen, stronger, more reliable easier to assemble structure. But the change only ask that you angle the router in the N.C, cutter. And as we see all other pieces are N.C. cut .

And the frame structure in that thing, is the most inportant structural issue, --- sure when panels cover it both sides, it don't mind, if the frames meet 90 deg or 60/120 deg , but the princip are the same , it is not 3dh as I explain it so people can understand it from the easiest and best way to router a frame lattrice, but the idea are the same it's only that detail .

Now all who know the system will reconise the difference, --- but can that realy be made so , only so it is not "pure" 3dh ? I find that silli if it is so ; the structure is obviously 3dh inspired and it fall natural to make the overlap at 90 deg, it make the best structure. Can this be made so, so to say it is not a Per Corell 3dh, -- 3dh is the idea to generate a structure from other planes than the tradisional ones and only use two planes to do that.

Now The Serpentine pavillion -- you know what one -- also "refused" to be a 3dh. also that became a lame try only proving the ones projecting it, simply didn't understand a figment about what computer generated structures offer. It simply became ugly where if it had been a real 3dh it would have been a wonder. These --- well I don't know the theoretical decor for that project. But take that , all the words and proclamations and then add , "plus the effords to make sure the main structure will not look as a Per Corell 3dh. "

Sorry I just find it silli -- you would to, if you spended ten years promoting the most obvious structural idea for use with Solid modeling ,and direct Link production. Sad in a way, as 3dh can be made so it can act it's own structural beauty, here it is nothing but honeycomb goo, under the N.C. cut panels. But except from the 90 deg. this is exactly the idea I been promoting all those years. the credits for it must be worth something, when so much efford are added to change a small detail in it.

Well first the Serpentine, then all the other projects, now this ; guess one day credits will come 3dh did a huge impac and it's not over yet.


Jul 16, 08 6:29 am  · 

Dammit this is exactly the concept I suggested years ago in this fora, when discussing how to connect two piexes of shorter frame, into a much longer one. I suggested a "block" to be designed so it could be subtracted the frames at their ends and a piece designed as a lock, and I added an image as a simple suggestion -- explained how simple it would work so simple it could be automated, so a small work plane would be no problem for long frames.

Sure this act no Paragime shift, it is just a small practic gadged, not a bewer before realised structural idea, -- but this detail was suggested by me in this fora, as a solution how to lock two pieces together, in one of the many 3dh discussions. And there are a difference between a small practic gadged fit for N.C. cut structures and a system as 3dh , that when published was unique, --- funny or not funny ?

Jul 16, 08 6:42 am  · 

Sorry what I misspelled shuld read this ;

"Sure this act no Paragime shift, it is just a small practic gadged, not a newer before realised structural idea, -- but this detail was suggested by me in this fora, as a solution how to lock two pieces together, in one of the many 3dh discussions."

See 3dh was newer suggested before, it was unique and collected all important issues to deliver a whole and real solution. Solid modeling, automated generated structures that can be manufactored strait from the 3D drawings, a Direct Link production of exactly the design you model with Solids , and in a compleatly different way.

Now such things don't depend on if the frames are 90 deg or the concept so alian that I simply had to explain it so rigid. 3dh was and is a Paragime shift, and that shuld not b about nippick details.

Jul 16, 08 6:49 am  · 

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