if you do this fuck you

go do it

use an contractor just for comparison bids with no intent to award the project

Jul 16, 13 7:06 pm
Uhh wat? Why so angry?
Jul 16, 13 7:21 pm

Some architects have a relationship with contractors, who get their work on an intermittent basis, to chime in and help assemble an opinion of probable cost for projects they know they will not be doing.  Yes, it would be somewhat uncool to do this to a contractor by putting a different spin on it other than what was described.

Jul 16, 13 8:02 pm

Happens all the time. It's called a "check bid". Often used to negotiate a lower price with a contractor who's already been selected. One of several reasons I don't bid for work.

Jul 16, 13 8:20 pm
^seriously. It's just business.
Jul 16, 13 8:21 pm

So ... let me ask the OP ... have you ever gone to Best Buy to look over their offering of TVs or cameras and tied up a sales person for a while to get some answers to your questions -- then purchased what you like best thru Amazon because you could get a lower price ?

Not much different, is it ?

Jul 16, 13 8:57 pm

Wait, I'm supposed to go to my client with one bid and tell him I'm pretty sure I got him the best price?

Jul 16, 13 9:25 pm
Nah, just T+M for all projects much better cuz now no bidding process to confuse things.
Jul 17, 13 7:32 am

Is that bid shopping? I don't know.

Jul 17, 13 8:27 am

re "best price"

It's a very sobering feeling to be up in space and realize that one's safety factor was determined by the lowest bidder on a government contract.


-- Alan Shepard

Jul 17, 13 9:14 am

"best price" does not equal "low bid"

Jul 17, 13 9:27 am

Some government grants require that builders/contractors do this; at the last place I worked, we had to get 3 bids on every single individual project as part of a stipulation of the grant.. more of a pain in the ass for us, honestly.

Jul 17, 13 10:26 am
go do it

i am not bitter. but i just realized that a firm i have put many bids in for projects were just using my numbers for comparison.  it sucks to realize that i have been a patsy for these dorks

i understand that bidding is a part of business. what i am talking about is to intentionally  use a contractor just for numbers. that is the difference.

i, in good faith put in many hours to compile bids only to learn i had no chance of winning the contracts. 

if you have a favorite contractor , fine use him or her i don't care. just don't waste my time and the time of my sub-contractors.

again if you do this fuck you

if you don't do this, can i bid some projects???

Jul 18, 13 12:18 pm
vado retro

it seems that you should at least be compensated for your time in assembly the "supporting" bid.

Jul 18, 13 12:45 pm

Ask for a refundable bid fee. If you get the project, you apply it to the fee. 

Jul 18, 13 1:23 pm
What vado and miles said. And have a conversation with them- if they keep doing it- "what can I do to get your business?" "How did my bid compare to the others?"

Usually, if you are losing in the bidding game it is either they think you are not capable of the work or your price is too high.
Jul 18, 13 3:36 pm

"I am not bitter." 

"If you do this fuck you"

Right !

Jul 18, 13 5:24 pm

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