How to ask for work


How do you all successfully ask a previous client for more work in a savvy work that doesn't make you seem needy or desperate? 

Jul 15, 13 10:07 am

Tell them directly. Let them know you enjoyed working with them and would like the opportunity to do it again. You're currently looking for projects, and want to let them know.

Jul 15, 13 2:36 pm

The first rule of marketing is "ask for the order" -- this becomes awkward only if you let it become awkward. A good way to start is by asking your previous client about other projects that he/she might have in the preliminary stages -- express interest and offer to help.

Clients understand that architects always are looking for the next project. Just don't be overbearing.

Jul 15, 13 3:14 pm
Not sure I understand the question. As long as you're polite about it and professional why would this be something difficult ?
Jul 15, 13 6:03 pm

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