Name a handful of cities you DON'T like


Amazing, and not amazing - another piece of news - could have put it on TC, but Detroit filed for bankruptcy protection today.

Jul 18, 13 7:27 pm

I'd lay that right on Clinton's doorstep. Although you have to blame these assholes, too.

Jul 18, 13 8:36 pm

We should quit ragging on Detroit.  This one takes the cake.  Read the beginning of the last Wiki paragraph:  East Saint Louis has the highest crime rate in the United States.,_Illinois

Some other notable quirks:

- Metrolink light rail actually crosses the Mississippi River on the lower level of the Eads Bridge and goes into this metro St. Louis suburb.  The stations have parking.  The extension created controversy as to its impact on the Missouri side of the river, where St. Louis is located. 

- The city's white population is 1.23%. 

- Global warming, huh?  The city hit 117 degrees F in 1954, and I doubt it was a dry heat

- The city sports the tallest fountain, or geyser, in the U.S.

Jul 24, 13 8:18 pm

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