Input on House Drawings


Hi there.

Is anyone interested in taking a look at a set of house drawings to give ideas and suggestions to make it better?

We have contracted with a well know Architect in Denmark, and they have come up with a beautiful house, but we are struggling a bit with the room planning and making full use of the main features of the land and the space in the house. 



Jul 8, 13 6:48 pm

I wouldn't mind taking a look. But first try overlaying some sketch paper over the new drawings. This should help clear your mind and open it at the same time to new strategies.

Jul 8, 13 7:16 pm

"Is anyone interested?"

Absolutely!  It's what all us folks on Archinect do for a living. 

The more important question is: are you willing to pay someone to perform their professional services on your behalf?

Jul 8, 13 7:56 pm

^ Exactly. And put much more nicely than I would have.

Jul 8, 13 8:00 pm

Will pay.

Please send a link to your work, and/or suggestions on who I can get in touch with you. Serious interest.

Jul 9, 13 6:17 am

Post a job under the employment section. Supports Archinect and shows you're serious. Then promote the ad in this forum to generate responses, as the ad board seems largely directed to positions at architectural firms and perused by those seeking such. 

Jul 9, 13 9:09 am

^ Exactly.  Trying to hire an architect via the discussion board is not efficient.  Go to the Employment tab and post there.  You'll have much better results.

Jul 9, 13 12:37 pm

right on! miles and citizen. best responses to these type of threads in general.

"how serious are you?"

Jul 9, 13 4:55 pm

Geeze I was hoping I could talk the Dane into a plane ticket to see the site and I would do a few sketchup drawings...and meet with his Danish Architect....go have drinks and then go off and visit my Danish Friends.  That is of course if those are open ended plane tickets for two and  lodging.  Oh ya while I'm there I would like to go to Norway.. to check out the ole family Stave Kirk Church  Oye.   I'm sure I could come up with a few ideas to make things flow better after a evening of tasting fine wines.  Let me know if your interested.

Jul 9, 13 5:30 pm

Will pay.

Please send a link to your work, and/or suggestions on who I can get in touch with you. Serious interest.


Jul 10, 13 11:14 pm

I guess the plane tickets are in the mail.....waiting with baited breath....what ever in the hell that means. 

Jul 13, 13 9:42 pm

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