IDP Hours for a Sub Contractor


I am working as a bim specialist for an electrical subcontractor.

There are no licensed architects working here.

I am currently creating Revit models coordinating with general foremans and electrical engineers while it is being built to clash with other trades. Coordinating with other trades during construction and dealing with RFi's on site.

Does anyone have any advice on how or if these count as IDP hours? Thanks for the help.

Jul 3, 13 2:45 pm
wurdan freo

They do count to a certain extent. You can get a lot of your time covered working for a contractor. The idp web page is pretty clear about it once you find the right information.

Jul 3, 13 3:17 pm

Would a general foreman or bim coordinator be the person to approve hours ?

Jul 8, 13 11:49 am

unless one of them is a P.E. or architect I don't think it matters

Jul 8, 13 2:17 pm

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