Hard Drive recommendation?


I have recently started using revit, and it has been great, but I definitely want to increase the space on my computer so that it can work faster.

For one I am going to get a hard drive that has more space, but I am considering using a different type of Drive. 

Ideally I would like to use an SSD, but I do not have the money for that.

I was wondering if anyone uses a Hybrid Hard drive, and if that has made revit work any faster for you than using a regular hard drive with the same amount of memory.

Thank you

Jun 28, 13 5:09 pm

Hard drive speed does not dictate how efficient your model functions in Revit. An SSD is certainly an upgrade over a standard 7200rpm drive. RAM + CPU are the largest contributors.  

Jun 28, 13 5:24 pm

a faster drive could help you save and access large files faster.

i would not do a hybrid drive, but i think getting 2 different drives, an SSD for the OS and some programs, scratch file, maybe page file type stuff, then a second 7200rpm really big drive for file storage, is a good idea, if you're getting new drives anyway.

Jun 28, 13 5:34 pm

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