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how do cell phones work in most offices now?  do companies provide cell phones or reimbursements?

are people expected to provide their own, pay for the line, and give their number out to clients?  do companies print their employee's personal lines on business cards?

would an intern be expected to provide their own cell phone and give the number out?  where would the line be?  surely a partner or owner should be available.  does it depend on what percentage of time a person might be away from their desk?  or a level of seniority?  is this sort of thing clarified in typical boiler plate employee manuals?

if an employee was to go from [you don't need to provide your own cell phone] to [you need to provide your own cell phone], what sort of negotiation is involved?  or is this another barrier that causes (what appears to me to be) high turnover in the field?  as in, if i want a better position, i have to quit, because smaller architecture firms tend to be unable to promote from within, but they can hire a new person and slip in some sort of expectation after they fact.  that's a tangent, but sort of applies to when a person would be expected to provide a personal line for their office, if such a thing exists.

Jun 26, 13 1:52 pm

At my last co., all assoc. received a $75/month stipend on your check. At the company before that they had extra phones in the office you would take if you went out in the field. At my current co. they strive to keep work at work only.

Jun 27, 13 2:39 pm

My firm allows you to choose from a list of phones that you purchase for your own plan. They then give you a $250 reimbursement on your check to put towards the cost of the phone and then you receive a $100 reimbursement each month. 

I do provide that number to clients/subs and when I go over my monthly limit I'm able to charge the overage fees to the job. 

Jun 27, 13 5:20 pm
won and done williams

LITS, from a business standpoint, that is a terrible arrangement. A business can typically get a bulk rate for phone service, as low as $25/month per phone with data. Furthermore, that expense is all tax deductible to the business. Why an office is reimbursing employees $100/month makes little sense. (I doubt that they can even deduct that expense since the phone is not used exclusively for business). Not to mention charging clients for overages? If I were your client, I would say no way and be annoyed that you were trying to nickel-and-dime me.

Jun 28, 13 8:43 am

EPC/Design-Build is a different monster altogether. I get an extra $10 a month under the arrangement. 

Jun 28, 13 2:20 pm
This is a blind spot in many offices, including ours. Our people, me too, bring a lot to the table - phones, cars, cameras, trace paper - and seldom think to turn in reimbursables. Trying to get more formal about it to avoid resentment later, but our people don't seem to play along! They prefer not thinking about it?
Jun 29, 13 7:24 am

that awkward moment when your boss asks you for your cell phone # but just for emergencies

Jul 2, 13 11:06 am

only in America can this kind of question arise.  if you're getting reimbursed for cell phone usage or getting a company cell phone, you should just STFU and be happy you have a job. 

maybe the Obama-Phone Lady will give you one of her cell phones, bunch of whiners.

Jul 10, 13 4:18 pm

i don't think you understand the question lightmyfire

and steven, i haven't really thought about how reimbursable would be implemented, but it wouldn't surprise me if the paperwork was more of a hassle than the money is worth.

Jul 10, 13 10:54 pm

Employees are profit centers, gotta squeeze 'em hard.

Jul 10, 13 11:09 pm

Mrs....upgraded her ipad-2 today to a ipad 4 with retina....for $300.00.  I tell you it was a bargain as she uses the thing like no one else I know.  So I figured it was a good investment.  We write it off as a company expense as we are self employed. No confusion here when it comes to technology.

Jul 13, 13 9:51 pm

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