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For all out here who started their own firm/company, what are some of the ways you decided on the name of your baby..

Apr 30, 08 11:56 am
liberty bell

Those previous threads are so damn funny.

When I joined my partner he was already MW Harris. After hemming and hawing - and delaying a decision - for over a year we finally decided to just stay MW Harris llc. He already has name recognition in this city and our work is ALL word of mouth. So the big question became: why mess with what already works? I have no desire for/ego tied up in having my name on the door.

The only change we made is related to the legal use of the term "architecture": he used to be MW Harris Residential Design, now we are MW Harris Architecture Interiors Design. I'm registered.

Apr 30, 08 1:20 pm

It's our last name (we took the easy way out). Frankly, I don't like the cutsey/psuedo cool names, with numbers and symbols in them, etc.

Apr 30, 08 10:45 pm
liberty bell

And yet, pieces_of_flair is so dang cute!! ;-)

Perhaps Pieces of Flairitecture, llc?

May 1, 08 7:18 am

i think

MW Harris Architecture Interiors Design + Sink

would be fun. keep 'em guessing.

May 1, 08 7:22 am
liberty bell


May 1, 08 8:14 am

I've always been and will continue to be jealous of people with architectural sounding names (koolhaas, sink, coates, woods, holl, graves, shim, etc)

May 1, 08 9:38 am

the practice of architecture is, and always will be, a personal service business.

imho, most firms -- especially in the early days of their existence -- should capitalize on that idea and incorporate the names of the founding principals into the firm's name. while this may seem boring and ordinary, it's an important marketing decision.

as the firm matures and reaches a certain size, evolution to an acronym makes sense because the founding principals typically are less directly involved with the individual projects being delivered by the firm.

May 1, 08 9:53 am

My state requires that the name of the firm include the last name of at least one licensed architect owner. Kind of limits the possibilities...

May 1, 08 11:08 am

the opposite also holds true quizz

architecture is not a one man exercise, as is increasingly a collaborative effort - not by founding members but pieces to a whole. As such for a client they can feel their interests are looked after when they know that studio us is looking after their needs versus one-man shop with my name on the door llc

May 1, 08 11:09 am

If your name is mark you could always consider "Markatecture"

May 1, 08 12:27 pm

architechnophilia - I suppose we all are a product of our own experiences. my experiences suggest that most (not necessarily all) clients still look to a single individual in the firm as "their" architect -- this is the person they rely on for high-level decisions and problem solving. in a firm's early years, this typically is one of the founding principals. as the firm grows and matures, this concept naturally is diluted and others move into that role.

May 1, 08 3:31 pm

For posterity with the links stripped so when it gets purged the stupidity can be recalled.

Jul 23, 19 11:34 am

Gonna call my Architecture firm "Best Plumbing Company"

Jul 23, 19 11:37 am
atelier nobody

Atelier Poop

Jul 23, 19 1:34 pm

not totally out of the question, seeing how many times a day  I yell "shit" on the phone 

Jul 23, 19 5:26 pm

I always assumed companies were named after the principal architects.. Ha. 

Jul 24, 19 11:11 am
atelier nobody

Mine definitely is - see my user name.

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