How do you import Autocad files into Photshop or Illustrator?


Can someone tell me what the best way is to import AutoCAD drawings into Photoshop or Illustrator? It's pretty confusing, cause one instructor tells you to make bitmaps or jpegs and import it to Photoshop, others tell you to make an eps file and import it into Photoshop.

Also everyone has a different approach towards making (single) presentation sheets. Do you make it in Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign. As what I have seen, you can do it in all three programs.

Sep 17, 04 8:56 am

all you have to do is highlight all your lines in autoCAD, copy from the pulldown and go to illustrator and use paste from the pull down. the lines go into illustrator as lines still and can be edited, you do all your line weights in here. i make my sheets in illustrator if they have text or vector based info, photshop for images, and in design for multiple pages or more layout-ish type stuff

Sep 17, 04 9:18 am  · 

you really want to avoid importing vector based work into photoshop. i find that printing to file in AutoCAD, then opening that file in illustrator works best for me. by using this method you retain the line weights established in autoCAD. you can also scale without losing quality while retaining proportional line weights

Sep 17, 04 9:27 am  · 

try this thread:


Sep 17, 04 9:30 am  · 

just make sure that when you raster your drawing that you do it at 300dpi

Sep 17, 04 9:33 am  · 

or higher, depending on how large you'll be printing.

You should also be able to open the dwg file in Illustrator and you can copy and paste between them.

Sep 17, 04 9:40 am  · 

export as .wmf (windows meta-file) to freehand!!!!

Sep 17, 04 11:01 am  · 

install a postscript level 2 printer in autocad and print to a file, but first configure the printer to output at 5080 x 5080 dpi so the postscript file is at a high resolution. trust me the lines turn out soooo smooth it's like buttah! then open with photoshop. voila!

Sep 17, 04 11:14 am  · 
le bossman

it isn't difficult. save them as a .dxf and then open them in autocad

Sep 17, 04 11:16 am  · 
le bossman

i mean open them in illustrator

Sep 17, 04 11:16 am  · 

i guess you want something to jpeg...if that's what you want..

plot it 'as file' as *.eps. from cad
open the eps with photoshop (usually in grey scale, size to be decided by you)
add another white color layer then use it as the background of the line drawing

then do whatever u want to it w/ photoshop. enjoy...

Sep 17, 04 11:18 am  · 

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