Hi all! I would greatly appreciate any advice on marketing my skills, for a business feasiblity study


Firstly i'll introduce, my name's Johnny I'm currently studying a Post-grad diploma in Graphic design, with a completed bachelor degree in Interior architecture.

I'm currently writing a business feasibility plan for my future career interstate and would greatly like any input into the direction that I should take that career and where you see my work deemed marketable to the industry. Being a graduate in Interior design, I find my skill set is to that industry, however my goal is to broaden my knowledge and become more marketable as a creative…

Any comments & feedback about my work, what you consider marketable or any advice in general including where the design market is going i'd greatly appreciate it immensely!

Here's a link to my online folio, please leave any feedback in the comment boxes under each category.

Thanks all!!

May 12, 13 9:14 pm

Your work looks excellent!

Some possible changes that I see:

1.  Some of your images are so large that the entire image is not viewable at one time.

2.  There are some grammatical mistakes in your writing that need correction.  Also, the tone doesn't sound natural to you.

3.  When I open your site and click buttons, the only initial indication that something has happened is "index" appearing at the bottom.  You might consider a minor revision so that more of a change shows immediately without further input.  Someone quickly looking at your site might not think to scroll down and could think that you have a broken link or button and leave you site.

4.  Urban Hope is an interesting project, but I would use one of your more complex projects as an opener for the projects section.

5.  The graphics thumbnail is different enough from your other thumbnails that it's somewhat distracting.  Maybe use one of the other works in that section as the thumbnail.

May 12, 13 9:55 pm
vado retro




May 13, 13 12:18 pm

Hey nice presentation graphic. This might sound stupid but how do achieve that kind of graphic presentation? Got any suggestion as to some type of books or sources that can lead me in that direction? Thx

Nov 11, 13 5:40 am

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