Modular Architecture



I'm an architecture student and this is my 2nd year of learning architecture. I would like to consult my thoughts. 

Recently i've picked up some of these "three legged stands", also known as pizza savers. It immediately sparked my mind about modular architecture. I mean, it's quite interesting...
It can be used to build things with many combinations..

Can i go far with it? 

Please drop comments and how you feel about this. It may be stupid but actually some of your comments might give me some inspiration. 

May 8, 13 12:44 pm

Really?  Is this what happens when we mix weed pizza and architecture students. 

May 8, 13 1:08 pm

Yet another reason to require new members to make at least 10 comments before posting a new topic.

May 8, 13 1:14 pm

I mean, it's quite interesting...
It can be used to build things with many combinations..

Why not use the actual pizza to build things!  Everyone loves pizza! 

May 8, 13 1:33 pm

i'm not sure you guys really saw how the things were stacked in that second picture.  it's as inspired as corbu's domino frame.  having an empty pizza box as your architectural inspiration is just as valid as having a parametric something-something as your architectural inspiration.

also the receipt from tanamera clinic in singapore.  i would have tried to edit out identifying stuff, but whatever.  hope you're feeling well.

May 8, 13 1:45 pm

ahh shit. someone already did it.  Its impossible to think of an original idea these days smh...

May 8, 13 1:45 pm

Man i should just trash this

May 8, 13 9:53 pm

you're well on your way... 2nd year student and find inspiration on pizza savers?  better than Gehry crumpling up a piece of paper, missing the waste basket and coming up with Pritzker worthy designs from that xD

May 9, 13 12:14 am

access: The Pritzker Prize is highly overrated, proven by Gehry getting one for missing the wastebasket.

OP: Inspiration can come from anywhere. Next time do something with it other than beg for ideas. Don't worry about whether or not it has been done before. Create a rationale, hopefully one that follows some kind of reasonable logic, works on multiple levels and isn't just some arch school bullshit.

When you have something to show, you'll have something to talk about.

May 9, 13 10:12 am

I believe that's what accesskb was getting at..

But I tend to agree with the rational approach. Anybody can pick up a discarded item and 'find inspiration' from it, although there are plenty of architects and designers out there who would support that approach (as the one mentioned above).

Perhaps if you were to do an analysis of said pizza holders and use that, forgoing any mention of the pizza holders themselves. Mentioning that they are in fact pizza holders really doesn't help with your credibility...

May 9, 13 11:18 am

Great advice. Thanks guys :)

May 11, 13 8:30 am

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