The First Client


How did you receive your first client?  Was it someone you knew?  Was it a reference from a friend?  Did they find an add of yours and make contact? Etc. 

If you started without having any built project samples/references ( which would seem to make sense if it was your first client ) how did you land them - just with sample conceptual - unbuilt - designs?

Apr 30, 13 4:55 pm
drums please, Fab?
architectural graphic standards
Apr 30, 13 4:59 pm  · 

That's not my question though,


I am curious to know how architects received their first client - how it happened.  Through advertisement, word of mouth, a family member/friend, etc?

May 1, 13 10:40 pm  · 

My orthodontist hired me to design an addition to his vacation house.

That was 1980, my first independent project, fresh out of school. 15 years later he hired me to do another one.

May 2, 13 10:33 am  · 

Many of us got the first client referred to us by our employer.  Usually, it was a little job for the boss' friend that he just didn't want to bother with during normal office hours.  (That was obviously back in the day when offices' actually had enough work for normal business hours).

May 3, 13 11:46 am  · 

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